Friday, April 28, 2006

The Story till the 28th of April


17th April - BLACK DAY held in all Delhi medical colleges to show solidarity on the issue.

19th April - Demonstration held at Raj Ghat. Over 700 medical students join in.

26th April - A peaceful protest was to be held in front of HRD minister's residence. Our buses were hijacked and taken to Jantar Mantar. AIIMS and UCMS managed to reach Tughlaq Road, but were carted off to Jantar Mantar after few hours. We waited at Jantar Mantar and gave a deadline to HRD minister to come and meet us. Deadline is not met and the students then marched peacefully on Janpath. Students are barricaded, water cannoned and tear gased. Event is covered prominently on major TV channels and print media.

27th April - Demonstration at INDIA GATE. HRD minister invites our representatives to talk. 5 representatives meet him. The minister delays his comments till state elections are over. The strike by students continues though Interns and residents return to duties.

28th April- The fire has spread across the nation. Demonstrations in Bangalore, Amritsar,Ludhiana and Rajkot. Meanwhile students continue with demonstrations at India gate.

28th April - Press conference at AIIMS on behalf of Youth for equality. Youth for Equality appeals to all colleges in India to have peaceful protests in their respective cities, and support the cause. We should be in contact to have an effective mass agitation IF REQUIRED.


At 8:26 AM, Blogger Sohrab Arora said...

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At 1:49 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i feel strongly against this issue of extended reservations at level of tertiary educations.this is not the right way to uplift backward classes.if at al govt is even slightly concerned wth dev of bckwrd classes it shud provide economic help,giv them good primary educ,scholarships,books, so that merit is not compromised
----------------------------------- YOUTH FOR EQUALITY

At 7:32 AM, Blogger ABHISHEK said...

i just cant understand wat these ministers think in their mind.r they made 2 build or destroy dis nation.i strongly support ur views and ur struggle but i really feel sorry dat i m not involvedin this struggle directly bcoz dere is no protest in my colg.

At 7:51 AM, Blogger yavatmalyouth said...


At 9:26 PM, Blogger Aditya Ashok, K.I.M.S.,Bangalore said...

1) I think that the whole issue of reservation is very much against the constitution which promise equallity for all.If the backward classes say that they were not treated as equals then do we need to go back and repeat what was done with them to people of the general categories. ARE WE TRYING TO HELP A SECTION OF THE SOCIETY OR GETTING BACK AT ANOTHER SECTION???
2)The reservations as such are not going to help anyone but are going to stop him from doing an honest day's work as if he/she knows that his job is secured for him/her and there isn't the need to strive harder and instead of upliftment u are bringing about a downfall1
3)Lastly,when u r giving a quota in the UG level then there should be none at a PG stage as then the system is admitting that despite havin given the same educational standards and a same degree as eveyone else the system was not able to make the quota person has not achieved what he/she was supposed to. so instead of making bigger quotas in the PG level the need is to improve UG standards.

A Few Questions:
- Why was Dr Ranawat required to fly in from USA to operate upon the then PM ???
- Recently why were doctors flown in from London to treat the late MP Mr Pramod Mahajan ???
- Why do all the minister and Parliamentarians go abroad for their medical treatment ???
- Is it because u have no trust in our medical systems or they know for sure that they have depleted the system ???
- Why is it that most of the nobel laureates from our country ave won the glorious award after they left the country ???

If such an atrocity against the general masses is allowed to go through our parliament the all the meritorious students are going to leave the country to go and serve foriegn nations, though they may be sad in doing that but i guess nothing can be sadder than your country treating u as an outcast just by the merit of one's birth...

Aditya Ashok

At 6:32 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank u for giving us students the opportunity to express our opinion.
These ministers do not have any concern about the nation. If they want to establish equality and abolish caste system, then why do they want this reservation in the name of caste and religion. the british policy of divide and rule is being continued by these politicians to generate vote banks. I strongly oppose reservations in the system of education which is strongly impeding the quality of education and the progress of the nation.To remove the caste system from the society we should first remove this reservation policy which is the culprit that is developing stupid mentality and identity of ones caste in children and hence perpetuating the caste system in the future generations.the braindrain i.e., flow of intelligence out of the country is also due to this reservations. if u don't give opportunity here for the brilliant and intelligent students in INDIAN institutions they will certainly go out of the nation and settle in foriegn lands thereby assaulting the progress of INDIA. If THE POLITICIANS ARE INDIANS THE SHOULD NOT MAKE SUCH MOVES.

At 8:46 PM, Blogger rahul &Vishal said...

BIG support from pune ,
WE r with u,

At 8:48 PM, Blogger rahul &Vishal said...


At 4:35 AM, Anonymous shikha said...

i strongly support the youth for equality movement going on all over india. i am happy that unlike mandal I its not dying out becuase of lack of centralised leadership. Politicians are displaying how they are actually running our so called democracy in a totally autocratic way. with majority of people protesting against the hike in quotas they are totally unconcerned and are simply moving on with their own agendas of vote bank politics. this really makes one feel so helpless in front of the injustices being done by system. they are least bothered about addressing problems of people like water, electricity.. no actions taken in open crimes like jessica lal, nitish katara and other such cases. this system is really getting hopeless. and we should find a way to kick out all of these politicians out of our country.

At 8:25 AM, Blogger jaune said...

There should be no reservations based on caste or religion. This is just a political gimmick & the lower caste people should understand that they will never benefit from this. As from the pre-independence era, our great politicians have been using the divide & rule successfully. And even though we're emerging superpowers of today, we've not understood this strategy & are dancing to their tunes. There should be only financial support for those who cannot afford & that is for everyone irrespective of caste or religion. I highly appreciate the people who are protesting against this & who are on the streets. One word of advise, do not go on hunger strike as it never helps. These brutes don't care whether you live or die & there are not yet enough patriots in our country who will take up your cause if you die while you strike-remember we already forgot the whistle-blower in the highway scandal & the IIM guy from bangalore who was killed. You should eat nutritious foods at this time so that you have the strength to continue & may be even take a course in self-defense as you may need it. Use your time fruitfully to spread the message around the country & inspire as many people as possible. Only a small group should be demonstrating in Delhi, the rest should try to add as many people to the group as possible. I very strongly feel that if the govt goes ahead with the implementation of the policy, students should withdraw from the college & let the backward class takeover 100% of the seats. When these colleges don't get the money & the actual talent, they will learn a good lesson for life not to venture into this area ever again. Of course, those of you who do would risk one year of your education & many more years of your career. It might look to you that its easy to give advice sitting somewhere but if we continue accepting this s*** thrown our way, we'll remain in that forever. Good luck !!!

At 7:08 AM, Blogger janki said...

this issue now is nt jus limitewd to students from science but from all facalties.what ever is beingn done is right but even further it should be nonvoilent because we cum from gandhis land plz visit my site brettlee_janu2004and give ur views on my oppinoin


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