Wednesday, May 17, 2006


This is an earnest appeal to everyone to step forward and join us on 20th May at 8 am in our “Delhi Chalo March” from Maulana Azad Medical College .

We appeal to all the responsible citizens of the country to step forward and support our cause that concerns one and all. We, the Youth for Equality, are a group of like minded young citizens who are against the governments’ illogical reservation policies. We conducted a number of peaceful protests for a month, but were ignored and lathi-charged. Thus we were not left with any other option but to go on strike. We apologize that there would be inconvenience for a short period of time.

Who is going to benefit from these reservation policies? Do you think a common person, working in a road-side dhaba or one who is living in a remote village will be benefited? Our answer is NO. We believe yours will be the same. The people who enjoy the benefits of reservation are the cream of the so-called “backward class”. These people are already economically sound. The really needy are left high and dry.

The government has failed to strengthen the basic infrastructure like primary schools and healthcare. What is the standard of our government schools? How many children continue their schooling beyond 5th class in our country? A reserved category doctor is provided a level playing field with the rest during his 6 year MBBS training. Then why reservations for MD/MS courses? Do you want sub-standard doctors to perform surgeries on you? Atleast the highest level of education should be purely merit based.

This cause affects all of us. This may be our only chance to prevent such atrocious policies from being implemented.
This is an earnest appeal to everyone to step forward and join us on 20th May at 8 am in our “Delhi Chalo March” from Maulana Azad Medical College .


Helpline: 9899832139, 9810760157

We are expecting people from Punjab, Haryana, U.P., Rajasthan, Himachal Pradesh, Uttaranchal. We are in touch with YFE members across the country.
THERES A GOOD NEWS........150 STUDENTS FROM GUJARAT WILL BE JOINING US TOM IN DELHI. Kudos to these people for coming at such short notice.

A CANDLE MARCH IS BEING ORGANISED AT 6 PM IN MUMBAI FROM SHIVAJI PARK TO BANDRA on 20th May. SIMILAR PROTESTS ARE PLANNED IN GUJARAT AND MYSORE. Those cities who cant make it tomorrow to Delhi.......plz organise similar events in your area.


At 12:18 PM, Blogger Nitin said...

At 12:18 PM, Blogger Nitin said...

Hello All,
Here is something we all need to do. The system of quota needs to be dealt with a social backlash. How bout letting the world know that an engineer or a doctor got into a college with just 45% marks.
Here is what I am proposing; everyone who got into a college without using quota should wear a blue ribbon on his left hand. This way we can show the world we got into a college cause we were qualified not because we had some certificate saying we need reservation. What do you guys think?

At 12:28 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

thanks alot...
Good Idea...then even Country like america will come to know the exact social problem in India...and I am sure they will come forward to help the backwards...thanks alot...keep going...

At 12:30 PM, Anonymous Rakhi Rathaur said...

HI Friends,

The whole nation is behind you so please don't let your motivation die matter what we will force the government to take a back seat on this issue else step down from their chairs because they are nothing but a group of incompetent leaders who fail to recognise the needs of our nation.

At 2:44 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Where are the General Category Welfare Associations?? Why aren't they stepping forward.

At 11:14 PM, Anonymous Dr. Abhishek Agarwal said...

hi friends,
while the rest of the developed world is moving towards a path of social equality,india is treading in exactly the opposite directions:a path towards social inequality.
And then they want to make india the hub of all major activities(read:tourism,commonwealth games,world cup cricket)
Is the govt blind towards the progress the sc/st/obc hv made in the past 60 years(as backward as ever).

TOI 18th may says there is only ~17% enrollment of OBC's in higher edu. and govt. proposes 22% quota(just think of that).

At the age of 87 h'ble hrd minister arjun singh shd be meditating somewhere but he is getting involved in petty politics.
It beats logic that why is the P.M. and U.P.A. chairperson still silent on the issue.may be they do not support arjun singh but r afraid of a backlash within d govt.
Even RAM WILAS PASWAN quoted on 16th may THE PIONEER that all quotas shd b scrapped(imagine a hardliner such as him saying that)

At 11:24 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi im from tamil nadu...
im stuck up in this stink hole...
everyone here talks but no action..
can i come over somewhere nearby during the protests??

At 12:09 AM, Anonymous Son of India said...

Please visit and leave your comments on RESERVATION and
how solve this problem

At 12:59 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

these politicians stink,man!!!no one has the spine to be a statesman!!!
and now they will do things IN THE INTERESTS OF THE PATIENTS!!!
oh yes,Dr.Ramadoss!!!you are so obvious in your DIVINE intentions!!I voted for Congress thinking that probably they have some national spirit with their fight against communalism!!but,kudos to SONIA JI,RAHUL guys have gone a step have divided Indians at the roots.BJP plays it's game by dividing us on the basis of religion!!!All regional parties play the caste,language,etc game!!!HAS ANYONE TALKED ABOUT DEVELOPMENT WITHOUT THE PETTY POLITICS OF CASTE,RELIGION,REGION......NO,NEVER!!!we need to wake up guys!!!these CONSTITUTION AMMENDERS are here to serve the country not to destroy it!!!LET'S BEAT THEM AT THEIR GAME......VOTE AGAINST RESERVATION!!!
Does the aam aadmi really care about caste or religion?Don't we all know that all these communal riots have politics behind it?Don't we know that most of the politicians have their conscience for sale?
Let us get together for our country's sake!!!

At 1:32 AM, Blogger Youth_Engg said...

i've heard the govt has censored the airing of our hunger strike....
well i suggest v take our personla cams.... film ourcomrades who are on strike 'n spread the videos over the net...
wat say??

i cn do this if dere aint ne objection frm youth 4 equality. but can join in on the 26th as am outta town....

At 2:26 AM, Blogger indianskoolstudents said... your eyes wide and read this fact:

17may2006: some pro-quota activists(meaning those who are supporting quota hike) were trying to get into the AIIMS ground where the anti quota activists were protesting.Most probably they had the kind intentions of bringing harm to the medicos(what else?certainly not distributing sweets!)
But then due to dehydration and excess heat one of the pro quota activist fainted.At this juncture,only available doctors were inside,who were against quotas.
This activist was taken inside where these hungerstriking medicos treated him.
Now OBCvoice says,we are Manu Sharmas.Our protest is a NAUTANKI!!We dont respect the fellow OBCs.hahaha!!
That is why i said--you dont understand what equality is,what unity is..what INDIA is.
you only keep on rattling your single jingle..."OBC...OBC...OBC!!"
Your vision is too narrow to comprehend the very word called 'EQUALITY'.you are disghusting..not becoz you arean OBC,but because you are only you-not an Indian.You cannot belong to anyone...not even to your own OBC brothers.
I PITY YOU.I really do.

At 2:50 AM, Blogger indianskoolstudents said...

HEY people i will give u a tactic to handle this OBCvoice....JUST FOLLOW these points:
1.OBCvoice will never say anything about the real solid facts that you put up before him,but he will just pick up one single line that is a bit provocative and write something very ironical and taunting trying to manipulate the situation.
2.Dont ask him logical questions which concern the development of India etc as he will not reply to your question but put one more tragic question before you...(could be a related happening of about 30 to 50 yrs ago!)
3.He cant justify the capabilities of OBCs simultaneously supporting the reservations that is why he incessantly gives the examples of what OTHERS have said,some influential people...the parliamentaries etc.He doesnt have youth power coz he himself is very old and OBCs youngsters are supporting us.
4.Last but not the least-he is planning a civil war to divide the country into two parts-one part exclusively for just be aware of him.

FOR PROOF: you can check out the reply to this comment of mine(also previous ones) will be 100% irrelevant.

At 2:52 AM, Blogger atlas said...

Is there some place where we can register our email ids so we do not miss the ongoing events.
Would like to join the next anti-quota march very much.

At 3:11 AM, Anonymous manee said...

see its simple..
till the level of sitting and giving the entrance exam they dont need reservations(for grad n post grad courses),and for making the OBCs or STs or SCs capable for being able to qualify for the course,the effort is something that goes much deep down level-from the elementary level to the preparation for entrance...right?
Even after so much,if the OBC student is not able to qualify,he is simply incapable of getting into the professional college.Just like those 799 upper class students per seat who want to get in iit.
THen what makes OBCs diffrent from these 799??JUst because they lower classes they should be admitted without merit and talent?how is that justice?
What is the sole reason for your stress on reservations and not improving the overall quality of education for our OBC citizens?
IF the education till 12th has loopholes the direct impact is that a student doesnt get the training required to become a part of an engineering or medical such a person deserves not a single seat.SUch a child may belong to a poor upper class family also,but whatever may have been the reason he still doesnt become deserving of a seat for which his fellow students fight 800 aspirants per such a situation he is given reservation means we are compromising on quality.This has a direct impact on the development of the country.
Just becoz this child is an OBC,wont make him deserving more than an upper caste student with the same situation.That is why this whole concept of reservations is unfair.

At 3:13 AM, Blogger atlas said...

We have blamed political parties for a long time and have asserted again and again that they are all the same.
I used to believe that as long as the country was in the hands of the BJP or the Congress, we would keep moving ahead. But now only the BJP qualifies for that remark.
The BJP never interferes in any system that works. IIT's work, IIM's work, AIIMS works, MAMC works, so the BJP has left it alone.
Of course it cannot speak out openly against reservations. You cannot expect it to commit political suicide.
In fact, had the BJP not involved itself in communal divide in the past, it would almost be a perfect party to rule the country.
Had this reservation proposal been initiated by the United Front Government, it would still not hurt as much. Its true. Its not just that we are angry and frustrated and outraged. We are also hurt. That something like this could be brought in by a party that boasts of leaders like Manmohan Singh, P Chidambaram and well, like it or not Sonia Gandhi.
IT HURTS!! These were the people who were supposed to be reasonable.

At 3:31 AM, Blogger atlas said...

There is something we cannot deny.
Injustice has been meted out to a large section of the population for a long time. Most of us have lived our lives with such open minds that we have never felt the impact of divisions of caste and religion. But we must realize that the divisions exist.
Personally, when I used to visit y ancestral village in Bihar, I saw people from the Dalit class who worked as labourers in our household. Their grandfathers used to serve my grandfather, their fathers used to serve my uncles and the last I knew, they were ready to serve me.
We have failed them, and we must acknowledge this. We must assert in every statement that we make that we are not against the socially deprived. We are only against the politicians who have failed them again and again and again.
Our demands must include:
1. That the Congress party acknowledge that it has failed miserably in 50 years in the upliftment of these people and apologise. Better still, a motions hould be passed in the Parliament to this effect.
2. There is only one way to improve the standards of primary education. Anuone holding a constitutional post must send his children to Government schools only.
3. To improve the MEdical standards, make sure every MP/MLA can only be terated in Government hospitals.
4. The sum of 1 crore rupees given to each MP for development should be used for only obne purpose. The MP has to ensure that the money be used to educate at least 20 backward caste, economicalkly weak students. If these 20 studenst fail to secure good marks in their board exams, the MP should be sacked immediately and never allowed to stand for reelection.

At 3:34 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

dont think we r sitting here just watching it all happen from far away.If required,we are even game for a "CHALO DELHI" andolan to open the govt's eyes and pressurise it into realising that we are still alive and have a spine!!!

At 3:57 AM, Blogger Shanks said...

There is a revolution in my mind
the unrest is palpable
Injustice slaps my face every second hour
Im being crushed by the system
My say doesnt matter
My voice goes unheard
My hunger doesnot stimulate a 'pang'
Even if it did it just peaked and died
like it did for narmada rebels
like it did for Satyenedra Dubey
It might also for the Indian youth too,
Obc or not its a fate ,we essentially are born into.......

People since birth isnt a luxury we choose, we will decide our fate, and not a vote bank, we will fight.

At 3:57 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

let's get atleast 10000-20000 ppl assembled in india gate ...only then would they take the problem seriously

At 4:00 AM, Blogger atlas said...


At 4:12 AM, Blogger LowTide said...

Atlas, BJP minus RSS is ok, Congress minus sychophants is ok, CPIm plus growth is ok, but do you know the real trouble. These insecure weak hearts are totally ruled by occult. Astrologers and their ilks.. Chandraswamies et al.. On one command of an occultist they are ready to drop a bomb. CANNOT BE TRUSTED. These politicians come with a profound 'low mind'.Beware..

At 4:21 AM, Blogger citius altius fortius said...

We in Orissa are in constant touch with each other .So that all our actions are getting co-ordinated .We have a clear vision of what we are willing to and intending to do.

We in Orissa are now appealing all the medicalstudents of India to come under one association,because when we will have our own association our committee members can negotiate and can hold talk unanimously and efficiently.

So do contact us by email

fax 0671-2329294

We intend to hold video-conference through respective Tele medicine Departments, if not feasible then through chat rooms.Do contact us

At 4:39 AM, Blogger atlas said...

If there is one group that can really bring down the Goverment to its knees, it is the Medicos. We engineers can only make sure you do not face the lathis alone. If only I had a chance to put the lathis where they really belong.

At 4:39 AM, Blogger Youth_Engg said...

alrite ppl..... this blog was made for your views on the injustice being enforced by our inefficient govt. v need ideas. dats y this blog was made. v need 2 spread the word.,hence this blog was made lets try 'n channelize our efforts...

i would request all of you to ignore posts of those who are pro quota.... there is no point in debating.... its a sheer wastage of our energy 'n time

'n i would request dese pro quota ppl 2 keep outta our blogs. coz your posts will nt make any difference 2 u mite as save ur time 'n get a life !!

its a request to all of you...ignore dese posts.... please... 'n keep sendin valuble ideas instead of replies 2 previous pro quota posts wich as it is dnt make any sense!!

peace out!!
GO youth for equality !!

At 4:39 AM, Anonymous Kurtz Wolfgang said...

I suggest that professionals working in companies can also show their support, if not by joining the hunger strike, atleast by tying a black ribbon on their arms, just as they do in Japan.

At 4:47 AM, Blogger quotavictim said...

How can Indians living abroad participate in this protest? So far we are spreading the news to our fellow Indians as much as possible.

At 4:51 AM, Blogger atlas said...

No Black Bands for me. I am a working professional and I not not going to miss my date with the Government lathis. This might actually be one of the most sensible things I have done in my whole life.

At 4:57 AM, Blogger atlas said...

You are actually in a very good position to make a mark. If you can only collect 20 people and have a token gathering somewhere, you can be sure the Indian media will cover it. Just make sure you inform them well in advance.

At 5:00 AM, Anonymous bhawna said...

An open challenge to all medicos n anti-resrvatn ppl....if u realy want equality in educatn for whch u ppl are protestin...then first create equality at d social n mental level too...coz u ppls r stil unaware of d fact...dat howevr meritorious d reservd student n professional is...this country's roots r so sick dat at d very outset they ask u d caste...n then goes al d merit..u ppl cant evn imagin d plight of d backward ppl...isnt it jus too brutal for words...a mental torture...i wana tel u guys dat no SC ST wud b intrstd in it...nd d hike is really protstd from heart evn by d reservd category ppl...but d point wich takes them in its favour is dis discrimination wich rules in this country till d top most levels....can u ppl really do nythn abt it???? daz wat wil b called 'EQUALITY' then...n trst me...each n evry singl person who belongs to d resrvd category wil join hands wit u against dis dirty really is dirty n treacherous...but try n look at d othr side as wel...n wat lies beneath...
but at d same time...i can really undstnd how it feels wen u r being snatchd of ur rights evn wen uve been workin damn personally...ive come up from d general category by competin against evry1 n presently in a damn gud position...all coz of my hard work n god...but i wana do sth for my ppl too...
hopin for a nation whr thr wud b no caste creed n discrimination...peace n equality in all respects...
hope u ppl undstnd...
n as far as d protsts r concernd...its commendable...i support them fully..whole heartdly...
bu i hope these ppl wont turn up like d othr conservatives of this country in long run...creatin caste divides n treatin resrvd ppl wit contempt n partiality...
keep upto ur words...

At 5:07 AM, Blogger atlas said...

There is equality at the social and mental level IN THIS GENERATION. The previous generation thought differently, acted differently. We know this, we acknowledge this. But you must understand we are not fighting the the underprivileged. That would make us monsters. We are only fighting the injustice, not only that which is being done today, but that which was done in the past. The Government fauiled miserably, but no one is taking responsibility. We want them to take responsibility. We want them to apologise.

At 5:11 AM, Anonymous bhawna said...

they wil surely apologise for all atrocities...d way its been goin...dis govt wil hav to come damn sure...
im seriously not against fact me n my family appreciate it...but hopefully...wishin it really leads to equality...cant say more...
all d very best to ppl on d hungr strike...god giv them strngth...nd we all here r wit family n some frens also...of DU...
n these efforts wont go waste...

At 5:22 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am a working proffessional,i have anger which i cant show,i cant come out on the streets to join you but yes i am still with u all.I feel helpless because i am unable to do anything,feel as if my hands are tied.The day the mubai students were beaten up i felt like resigning from my company and going to delhi to join u all,but i cant do so as i have my family commitments.i studied in a private school,a private engineering college nad now working in a private company where i have never seen anyone discriminated because he is from so and so caste or is unable to pay fees.i was discussing abt the issue with my colleagues and they have a interesting idea.make collges for obcs and sc st's and reserve setas for the upper castes 40% within the obc and sc st quota make sub reservations for ex service man,green card and so on.try it for some years lets see then how teh statsu improves for the so called depressed classes..we all body can improve their status but them.

At 5:32 AM, Blogger atlas said...

Tu load mat le yaar.. Maine 6 mahine se koi chutti nahin maari..Mere liye achcha chance hai..Teri kami mahsoos nahin hone denge.

At 5:49 AM, Anonymous drsaurabh said...

hi everybody,
everywhere there is hue and cry by this movement by medicos, but dont forget the blames most prominent of whjich are:
1. patient' suffering-
we are doing our bit to it let the govt answer the rest.
2. its all emotional , no facts involved?
is that true, i suppose its not. wat we need to do is gather some facts that brings out the real face of reservation in last 50-60 yrs in to do it?????????- simple
we all are togather despite the distances. maintain it by heart. thanx for bringing this whole issue so strongly in front of everybody.

At 6:02 AM, Blogger udit said...

true, school students FULLY SUPPORT you and your spirit. we are all with you against this gimmick.
the fight is not against the people of backward castes, the fight is for the future of the country.

At 6:34 AM, Blogger GAURAV said...

Its just so pathetic how the is trying to create an issue out of this.All they want to focus is the plight of the patients.What they are forgetting is that doctors form and represent a very responsible section of the society.whenever in pain or distress everyone searches for a doctor,but when we doctors find ourselves in distress we have nobody to hear us.what a pity!why dont the media person focus on this.This protest in no sense is unconstitutinal.let us pledge to fight till the end. BY THE WHERE'S OUR PM?ANBODY SEEN HIM OFFLATE! GAURAV VARSHNEY ,

At 6:37 AM, Blogger Shanks said...

udit people like u, can really mattera lot, schools and colleges all over delhi,
and for nri ill say that, email support can do a lot i guess

At 6:51 AM, Anonymous atlas shrugged said...

to support us you have to join the rallies and get people with you.....

At 7:01 AM, Anonymous atlas shrugged said...

for those who say only indian doctors go on strike...

BERLIN (Reuters) - More than 12,000 doctors across Germany went on strike on Monday in the biggest walkout in the sector since a dispute over pay flared two months ago.

At 7:31 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi guys,
why only medicos and IITs etc, where are the Arts and Commerce students? Does anyone know if there is a networking happening amidst these students esp in Mumbai?
M an Arts student n Would like to join in.
please post the details here.

At 7:41 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Awesome guys...hang in there you doin a fantastic job. v cant even imagine what it's like goin without food 4 80 hours!!!
Juz wanna thnk u 4 standing up 4 us n takin all the pains.
All the best.


At 8:43 AM, Blogger eshna said...

I extend my sympathy for our friends on the hunger strike. Our coutry is really proud to see that our friends have not surrendered to the wishes of the unfaithful and merciless Govt.I think now is the time they should understand that no amount of threats and expell can stir our protest against the extended reservation.

At 9:00 AM, Blogger indianskoolstudents said...

hey people
skool students are turning up on 19th and 20 may...2005

all skool skoolstudents visiting this page please contact our blog.

At 9:03 AM, Blogger indianskoolstudents said...

This blog is a platform for school students to voice their concerns, opinions and ideas. We are only "anti-injustice" .A wrong cannot be made right because influential people support the cause. Neither does the majority matter to us. For truth knows no such bias. We, the Students of India seek justice . We will fight for every unjust decision or opinion bestowed upon us or on our fellow members.

indianskoolstudents writer.

At 9:09 AM, Blogger Kunal said...

please spread the word around:
1.sms people from other streams to join in.
2. let ppl comment on all ur blogs. take some selected comments and try to get them media attention
3. i am sure some student would have photographs of the protest and the resulting police action. attach them into an e-mail and start forwarding the e-mail to everyone you know. forwarded messages spread like wild fire

At 9:18 AM, Blogger Shweta Garg said...

This is ridiculous...Our Government has showed,it is deaf ,it is dumb.....We are with all the medical students and we whole heartedly support your movement...Let the Government wake up!!!!

At 9:21 AM, Blogger Shweta Garg said...

We have seen the government id deaf and dumb...We all are with you medical students!
Let this fire ignite and let us all wake this sleeping govt....

At 9:21 AM, Blogger Shweta Garg said...

We have seen the government id deaf and dumb...We all are with you medical students!
Let this fire ignite and let us all wake this sleeping govt....

At 9:53 AM, Anonymous Pranam Foundation said...

As Pranam co-travelers, members of the Pranam foundation we extend our support to the cause against reservations of the SC/ST and OBC and are willing to fight against this injustice. Firstly towards the students falling under the general category and secondly , the division of India on the basis of caste and creed. The Pranam foundation believes in the unity of our motherland BHARAT and awakening its true potential-political, economic, cultural heritage and spiritual by spreading truth, love and light (cutting ignorance). Pranam is training, mobilizing and activating the youth to realize its potential and cut falsehood. Our religion is humanity – MANAV DHARAM. The reservations act as a barrier on the path of unity of our nation. India can be supreme land only if true and genuine caliber is enhanced in all spheres. Our members are a part of this movement and with our spiritual force we extend our support to this movement on all levels starting from the basic physical level to the highest level of spirituality. Please let us know if in any other way we can contribute to this cause. Thank you. Pranam.

At 10:35 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey all,

its just amazing as to how everyones supporting this anti reservation protests .but the main issue is still hanging there is arnd 80%of OBC and the govt the way they are behaving is so indifferent . they are not taking out solutions ..wht the hell?

but we'll keep going..

At 11:25 AM, Blogger Drop is Ocean said...

Bhawna has a point. We can channelise our expertise and inspire development at the grassroot. The truth is even the Sc/ST and OBC donot trust the politicians, but they donot have choice. We are branded as elites and traitors, by the same politicians and unapproachable. Docs., enggnrs, iim,s students, expats, industry can come together under Y4E, and initiate a trust building exercise. Most of us are connected with small towns and villages, so it should not be difficult. The development we expect from politicians can be initiated by us, a few projects, but done the wright way. The politicians are not going to give up easily. The no.s donot favour us. We must wrest the initiative and create a programme with a wide network to inspire growth thru Management, engg, healthcare,finance...voluntary activities, include high school children. think about it.

At 12:01 PM, Blogger juhi said...

hi all...
i salute the spirit of all the people who in their own way are tryin 2 make our so called government see some sense on an issue which is not even an issue really had it not been for our vote motivated polticians...
i jst hope and pray that this movement does not die out as the people in power are hoping.....jst hope dat the fire keeps burning untill v accomplish actual equality for all and not this useless crap our honourable politicians
have proposed....
Hat's off 2 the brave INDIANS who have been on a hunger strike to wake up a nation...
let's all make our voice heard in every peaceful way dat v can..and PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZz..dnt let this die out......

At 12:28 PM, Blogger Kawaldeep Singh said...


Reservation is to be condemned in any civilized, social and cultured society. It is a threat to the sustained socio-economic development. Progress of a society could not be achieved with any kind of bias, may be any reason behind it. Merit was and would remain the only key factor of development.
The growth of socially and economically deprived section could not be achieved with this worst phenomenon of reservation. If our politicians are so much concerned about the more opportunities for weaker section, which they do not seem to, there are lots of other ways to do that, but not to be done on the cost of drainage of talent.
For sake of more opportunities, the weaker section could be provided with free education, medical facilities, curriculum material, extra coaching, healthy diet and lots of others. But in any case there shouldn’t be reservation of any kind.
More important thing is that the facilities for deprived should not be decided on the basis of caste. The criteria of patronage by state, if there be any, should be based on the social and economic standards. The beneficiaries should be always the weaker one, who the actual needy.
But in actual consequences it is seen that the these kind of plans come to be fruitful only for ones who belong to much higher class and could not only bear their burden rather leading quality life. The real needy come to be again more deprived.
Moreover according to the constitution of India, Equality is the Fundamental Right of the citizens of India and any kind of reservation is against it. According to the provision in constitution, any law passed by Parliament or any definition even in constitution itself which crosses the Fundamental Rights of citizens is to be wiped off.
Such kind of help is required at this time from the judiciary because only the Supreme Court has the right of final definition of constitution and it is the only institution left which is unaffected of vote politics (to be called dirty politics).
The youth power of India is the most strongest in the world. A lot of competition is already there due to lack of resources in the country. Even then they, with their own abilities are building India and leading it towards developed nation of 21st Century.
But these kind of vote policies of some useless politicians (name need not to mentioned), whose only aim to be in power by hook or crook, are against them.
How one could compromise with the skill of doctor’s to treat, an engineer’s ability to build, a manager’s capability to tackle and a bureaucrat’s talent to settle on the future of nation? But these power hungry traitor politicians can do.
Now the time has come we the people of India have to decide, which is to be remained the turncoats or our India. Of course we are a democratic country and the whole is to be done in very democratic manner.
Let everyone be aware about the truth. The people of India should kick such person from the top posts, who are not even an inch cared about the nation and its loyalty, with their most powerful weapon the ballet.

3rd Year Engineer
From: Patiala, Punjab.

At 12:50 PM, Anonymous drjayesh said...

hey guys from youth for equality i m dr jayesh in to post graduation in medicine.we did take procession in anand district of gujarat along with local indian medical association doctors..there was rally to sardar patel university and our leader handed over the memorandum of our protest and support to youth for equality to vice chancellor and from there we headed to collector s office in anand .. distributed papers for awareness in general public..guys wat next do direct us.. all people we met says" personally i feel government is wrong but as member of government neither chancellor nor collector gave any statement".. watever happen to this issue guys just stick togather .. people in india needs more than wat we doctors are already doin to get awaken .. if 100 hrs of 200 doctors hunger strike cannot awaken people of india, then i guess we have long way ahead.. my serious and sincere appeal to all academic students from school and colleges and various branches in university join togather .. u might just have common platform for equality... the battle is there to be won so guys we have to keep goin . its not goin to b easy and it might just get tougher.. and its when going gets tough, medicos gets it goin..also my appeal to indian association of doctors wat are they waiting for to take thier descision.. if no doctors work in india for some days i guess none of tehm gonna go poor but tat might just awaken people sleepin in parliament when the quata bill was being passed.. just take a note .. this fight is not for me or u its for us .. for better future of india .........

At 2:56 PM, Blogger Question ? said...

This is to Pranam Foundation and others who can answer with authority.

It is all happening in the name of 'social justice'. We need a spiritual and historical assesment also. The refrain is that it is payback time for'upper caste' . One doesnot understand this , one cannot counter it. Is being born in a happy, educated family a sign of an 'unjust' past life? Bhagwat Gita states that it is people with 'good karma' who are born in good families. Is learning English, seeking higher education against Indian ethos? Swami Vivekananda said that the decline of India happened the day 'mallecha' word was coined. He also said that He would prefer to die at the hands of an educated doctor than be cured by a quack. We know it is generations of hard work and sacrifice that has gone into acquiring high education, yet there is a feeling of helplessness and sometimes guilt at the accusations. It is queer, one one hand when Our elected representatives are caught red handed taking bribe, the punishment is expulsion when they should be jailed. A politician's son shoots and kills in a packed hall and is aquitted for want of evidence. Parliament can pass a bill on a yesterday basis, when found violating and faced with expulsion. And here we are the so called 'upper caste' that must inherit punishment for a crime purportedly committed by it's geneological ancestors 3000 yrs. back? Is it the court of 'Dhrtrshtra'?? We want to know what is our due, and to whom? We want an answer.

At 7:48 PM, Anonymous TAJINDER BANSAL said...

Hi, here we r student of medical college starts one convincing team who work for making people & student of other institution aware abt all thing happening & asking them to join us in this race of merit against quota on basis of cast instead of financial basis if needed.And existing quota must be revised only on financial basis.

At 7:51 PM, Anonymous TAJINDER BANSAL said...


At 8:31 PM, Blogger 4india said...

It appears, now media have been pressed to ignore the protests by YFE. It is wellknown fact that Mr Arjun Singh has enough clout with the media to completely ignore the protests.

At 8:31 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

RESERVATION ACT - A Political Tool

“Divide and Rule
Is not that Cool”

This is one of the slogans put up by activists of “Youth for Equality” as they marched down the streets of Delhi to protest against the upcoming event of “Division by Cast ”. This event is indeed forecasted as one of the effects of the new versions of Reservation Act by many well wishers of India.
Before going into any kind discussion about the merits and demerits of this act let us have a glimpse at the political career of our present H.R.D minister Arjun Sing – the modern prophet of Dalits.
As pointed by one his colleagues Mr. M.L Fotedar “Sing’s refusal to act after the Ayodha incident has let the Narasimha Govt. off the hook”. As the report suggests it was Sing who refused to resign at that crucial moment permitting the Govt. to take an easy breather.
The Ayodha incident of 1992 had indeed raised several eyebrows about the security of minorities in India. The Govt. was at the gunpoint and busy in several face-saving activities. Many well wishers of India had opined that this should be the end of the Govt. But that was not the case to happen. And the one of the persons who helped the Govt. to secure their place is our present honorable H.R.D minister Mr. Arjun Sing.
So its is not very difficult to conclude that Arjun Sing is one of the culprits of saving the Govt. in 1992 – the Govt. that failed to give safety to millions of minority families and Dalits.
The above incident is meant to aware my Readers about the political background of our H.R.D minister. If any of my readers are thinking that Arjun Sing is the only “Thorn in flesh” ,then he is wrong ,but I certainly hope that it was the truth. Then the problem in hand would have been much easier to tackle. Unfortunately this thought is far away from the reality. Arjun Sing is only the engine of a long train that consists of several bogies called cabinet ministers.
It is surprisingly true that the “COMMON MINIMUM PROGRAMME” of the U.P.A. does discuss codifying all reservations and enacting a reservation act. It also speaks of being very sensitive to the issue of affirmative action, including reservation in the private sector.
The major matter of concern is that even after fifty-nine years of independence the country’s two largest parties are controlled by upper caste Satraps. Four out of six general secretaries of B.J.P are Brahmins while four out of eight in the Congress are upper-class politician. The Congress actually wants to consolidate its position in over 200 parliamentary seats by wooing back the Dalits and perhaps, get a share of the O.B.C’s too. There is certain game plan that is undeniable. The National Rural Employment Guarantee Bill, the Forests Land for Tribal Bill, the newly mooted quota in Central Universities and now the proposition of jobs in private sector are all aimed at inclusive growth – not of India but of Congress Party.

Whatever I have mentioned up-to this point may be a matter of concern or irritation depending on which side of the line you are standing. But one can hardly forget the time period of 1980-1993. Let me ease your thought, just take a look at the following details-

• 1980: A commission under B.P.Mandal submits report on reservation for O.B.C’s to home minister.
• 1989: V.P.Sing the then Prime minister accepts the report.
• 1989-90: Anti Mandal protests engulf India
• 1992: Supreme Court finally clears all legal hurdles to its implementation.
• 1993: Mandal Recommendation extended to all central jobs.

So whichever side of the line you are standing you must always agree that playing the “quota” card has always been a genetical problem of Indian politics. So Indian National Congress cannot be blamed alone if you wish to do so.

Mandal part II has been welcomed with protests and student’s revolt all across the country. One of the major reasons for that - there is a general feeling that this is a politically motivated move than a social one.
Another vital reason for the protest is that the bill is a major discomfort to the Non-Quota students. Although no concrete figures are present on O.B.C’s share in the I.I.T’s, I.I.M’s and 20 Central universities, at present it is calculated by the academics to be around 20%. Remarkable! These O.B.C students qualify without any quota. But the Govt. says:

Yeh Dil Mange more !!!!!

Anyway let’s consider the situation after the reservation act is implemented. After the reservation of 27% for them the O.B.C representative will go up to 47%. With another 22.5% reserved for S.C’s and S.T’s applicants. So the final figure tells that there will be 69.5% reservation in I.I.T’s, I.I.M’s and 20 Central universities for Dalits and other deprived categories. It is not hard to imagine from the above discussions what will be the situation of the General Category students. And India, a secular, sovereign, democratic, republic country will top the list of victims.
The medical colleges of different states are not even spared from this decision or indecision as some may call. Getting a future forecast the students all over the country have lodged their protest against this politically motivated Govt. bill which is yet to be implemented.
Gone are the days of “forgive and forget” students have even pledged not to vote for Congress and U.P.A in the upcoming elections.
Their movement got a boost up as Science and Technology Minister Mr. Kapil Sibal said that “Govt. must not initiate any measure that could dilute India’s ability to compete in global economy”.
An eminent figure of I.N.C and member of Gandhi parivar has also made his comment “It’s a very Complex issue and both sides have valid points”- Rahul Gandhi.

Many of my quota friends may be tempted to think that although the future of general candidates is at stake, they are under the safe guard of Govt. policies. Unfortunately the above thought is not only wrong but the reality is that they are the categories whose interests are going to be hampered by worst.
Consider the proposition for job reservation in the private sectors. Assuming a population of 1.02 billion, we can guesstimate the SC/ST population around 240 million. Going by Indian demographics, the people of this group in working age will be around 120 million. Now pose this against the opportunity that the proposed quota will create. F.I.C.C.I Secretary General Mr. Amit Mitra points out that of the 400 million jobs in the country only 7% or 28 million are in organized sector. Of this around 19 millions jobs are in Govt. and public sector, where reservations are already in force. This means that the universe for application of quota is limited to around nine million.
Economist and PHDCCI Secretary General Bibek Debroy points out “Even if reservations were to be implemented instantaneously, it would only create around two million job opportunities for the quota applicants”.
As already mentioned number of Dalits in working age is 120 million, 9 millions already employed leaving 111 million. So 2 million of 111 million or 1.08% will be benefited leaving behind 109 million still in tears.

How’s that!!

• 110 number of sitting O.B.C M.P’s in both houses of parliament.
• 12 number of sitting O.B.C chief minister in the country.

As a citizen of India I have every right to ask the Govt. how the above mentioned have contributed to the development of Dalits and minorities.

As a Lilliput politician I will help my readers understand the present situation of Dalits and minorities in India. Please take a look at the given figures.

• Barely four out of ten Dalits are literate.
• Eight out of ten Dalits drop out of school before class X.
• Seven out of ten are illiterate among S.T.
• Over 80% of reserved seats at industrial training are vacant and there are no takers.

Smile please!!! Because here is more to follow…

• 37.82% of literacy among S.C.
• 79.88% of high schools drop out rate among S.C.
• 1, 00,000 Govt. jobs under quota vacant across the country.
• 6% class I central Govt. jobs held by S.C’s and S.T’s.

This is a never ending list so I have only pointed out a few. I am not trying to criticize the O.B.C ministers but I am trying to find the answer to the following question.
What is the guarantee that 2+9=11 millions of employed Dalits will help another 109 million to gain their position in the society?
Going a step ahead one can also query what is the guarantee that a small percentage of these Dalits will not create, a so called “Upper class Dalits” getting advantage of quota and start ruling their own people. Then in future India is going to witness another riot. This time between the Dalits who were deprived of quota and Dalits who were benefited by quota.
This possibility may appear rare to somebody because the number of Dalits who were deprived of quota will always outnumber the other category as per the present Govt. plan.

That was all about reservation for jobs in private sector.

Now let us consider another controversial decision of implementing more quotas in Govt. Institutions.
As I have already pointed out the literacy rate, percentage of dropouts at the primary level and number of vacant quota seats among the Dalits and the deprived categories, the decision of implementing more quotas in Govt. Institutes is highly questionable. The real thing is that getting admission to premier institutions of India and to complete the course needs a basic educational background. Unfortunately most of the quota students lack that.
The proof is that 50% seats reserved for the S.C’s and S.T’s remains still vacant. The other 50% who takes advantage of the system and gets admitted has to swallow the bitter pill. Often they perform miserably in the academic front, many drop out or are thrown out. Many took longer than usual to complete their courses. Many more have been on probation for poor performance.
This is more a fact than a fiction and evident from the comment of Dr. Shobna Sonpur, a clinical psychologists, counselor at IIT Delhi (1987-2000) – “It’s an unrelenting struggle; Just to keep their heads above water.” She said.
“The issue is not simply entering these hallowed portals of learning”, points out 25 year old Arunabha Patro of IIM-C. “It’s what happens after that matter”, adds the student from Orissa, “Is the course restructured? Or the level of competency lowered just to accommodate the quota students”?
Actually the pro-reservationalists have never bothered to look into some crucial fact:
1. How many quota students actually get their degree?
2. What sort of Rank do they secure in an academic year?
The major problems that the quota students face after they are pushed into these institutions are:
1. The quota tag deflates their confidence to the ground.
2. The language of instruction (English).
3. Globalised environment – very different from their home towns and villages.
4. Poor level of primary and secondary education makes the competency level much higher.
5. Inability to approach teachers because of inhibiting anxieties.

An old proverb says “Regulations makes a rule and exceptions prove it.”

Yes, there are exceptions like Sharad Babu an Entrepreneur and former student of B.I.T – Pillani and IIM-A. A boy who learnt his first alphabets under the gloomy street lamps. He now owns his own catering company and dreams of opening a ‘desi’ food store chain someday. Even he has admitted that reservation should be a social tool not a political.

As definite statistics are not available about the success and failure rates of the quota students nobody on either side of the line cannot have the last the last laugh. But all of them have agreed at one point that life of the quota students at the premier institutes is not like bed of Roses.

The truth lies in the fact that basic elementary primary and secondary education cannot be replaced with a shortcut solution like quota in premier institutions.

From all the above mentioned facts only one conclusion can be drawn and that is the action plan taken by the Govt. will melt only the tip of the iceberg leaving the rest intact.

The major matter of concern is that there is an underlying thought that the Govt. actually wash off their hands in terms of developing millions of deprived families of India.
Whenever the issues like “Development and Welfare of Dalits and minorities” will be raised later they will start reciting their old poem of “Reservation Act”.
Thus the deprived will never get justice, their situation will hardly improve and their agony will be stuffed in the cold storage of Govt. policies.

This certainly justifies my previous conclusion that “Quotas will increase the problems of Dalits and minorities”.

Whether U.P.A can come up will certainly depend on the chemistry of their campaign and understanding of the people. Even they are in a dilemma of implementing this act.

Perhaps the Govt. needs an expert botanist to tell them that it’s useless to water the leaves and branches of a tree unless you can provide it with a good fertile soil and then water its root.
The above statements of mine can be better explained from the words of Mr. Azim H. Premji- the chairmen of Wipro Ltd.
“Attack the root of INEQUITY”-he said.
He also said that “We need to fight this issue at several levels simultaneously-and simplistic solutions like reservation in employment will not suffice. They may go some way in addressing a small minority of those affected but will leave the majority untouched. They may in fact, lead to cascading complications, and the negative impact of which will outweigh the benefits”.
He has himself come up with a few suggestions that are given below:
• Review the definition of “Underprivileged”: Criteria such as mere birth in a designated caste need to be de-prioritised to consider the facts that like historical aspects, socio-economic status and opportunities to participate in the nation’s growth.
• Provide stronger incentives at the elementary and secondary level- every child from under-served communities should be drawn into the mainstream educational process to level the playing field.
• Catalyze a revolution in micro-entrepreneur-ship and self-employment: For this we need to focus on vocational training, appropriate financing, insurance and accessible technology.
• Achieve transformation in the socio-cultural practices followed by elected bodies – every municipal corporation or panchayat must be mandated to eradicate discrimination at its level.
• Re-orient the education system to address the issues of inequity at all levels. Teachers and the entire system have to be sensitized to any kind of discriminatory treatment based on caste class or gender.
Although he believes that he is not an expert on such issues his suggestions sounds sensible to many sensitive ears.

If Mr. Premji can find time to think reasonable solutions being the chairmen of Wipro and one of the busiest persons in India why not our celebrated political leaders. After all they are elected to do so and common people have to pay tax to pet them.
“If there is a will there is a way”- why don’t our foreign minister consults with China, Singapore or U.S.A and follow there footsteps in this regard. Actually the proverb is reverted in their case. They hardly have time for constructive thinking after they finishes counting of ballots.

Take the example of Communist Party of West Bengal.
According to them if ‘E’ is the probability for existence of U.P.A Govt. and ‘C’ is the probability of implementing the Common Minimum Program then

E α C

They are in favor of reservation but with some modifications. CPM wants the Govt. to draw a line between the needy and the creamy layer among the OBC’s, before implementing quotas. They have also demanded reservation for economically weaker sections of upper castes. The above mentioned suggestions sounds somewhat sensible in the sense that it will at least prevent the creamy layers of O.B.C’s become more creamy.
Their statements show signs of contradiction. If reservation can be done in the upper caste on basis of economic conditions why this same formula cannot be extended for everybody. CPM views reservation as a limited step to provide opportunities for the backward classes. Thus it can be concluded that even after 59 years CPM is satisfied if the problems of backward classes and other deprived classes can be solved partially (Since they support this reservation act). Actually their intention is right but not the direction and they are helpless in the sense that they don’t want to loose the Dalits vote while making a sensible move. It is very easy to comment from the above discussions that they also suffer from the same old genetic problem of Indian Politics that I have mentioned earlier.
Their party affiliated newspaper ‘Ganasakti’ hardly covers any news about this student revolution. Although there common slogan is “Long live revolution”.

Take another example of our honorable railway minister Mr. Lalu Prasad Yadav. Speaking to the media at a railway zonal manager’s conference, Lalu said: “I have no objection if there is 5 to 10 % reservation for the children of upper-caste, especially those who are economically weaker among them”.
He is even ready for an amendment in the constitution in this regard.

What a person and what a solution?

Another Solution that the Govt. is planning is to increase the number of seats in I.I.M’s and I.I.T’s. This is for the information of my readers - the latest news on “The Times of India” says I.I.T’s and I.I.M’s faces a faculty crunch. Not only that many even faces problems like inadequate hostel facilities.
So it can be easily concluded that our Govt. is heading towards another politically motivated move which totally unjustified in logical sense.

If the motive behind a social job is political it will definitely lack some proper planning which is very visible in this case.

The simple question of whether somebody should be in favor or against of the present Reservation Act cannot be answered in a single word. So I leave the judgment to my fellow readers.
Throughout this whole article my intention was to aware my fellow readers about the present situation of Dalits and underprivileged class of Indian citizen. So that they could assess what our celebrated leaders has done for them for the past fifty nine years or so. I have also tried my best to analyze how much those quotas are beneficial for the persons concerned.

I feel I have supplied enough statistics and Data to prove that this move of the Govt. is a mere politically motivated move so the heading of this article is fully justified.

I want to end with a dream that in the coming fifty years reservation will be implemented as a social tool and also with some modifications so that it reaches out to the people who are actually deprived for 59 years. It will be done in such a manner that all the corners of the society get benefited. Then at about 2056 there will be no need for reservation and there will be no need for such protests. The term underprivileged will get extinct from India. Only then we can stop our fellow political leaders playing with the Quota cards and playing with our lives.

-Long Live democracy

for any queries contact –
Ramit Sengupta(919434434563)
(someone who is deeply concerned about this quota system and wants to do something for the protesting students,if you want to do your bit,forward this to everyone you know)

At 9:12 PM, Blogger atlas said...

I wouldn't like to fuel a conspiracy theory. But why is that the media is almost ignoring the issue now? Don't they realize that this is the single MOST IMPORTANT issue india has faced in the last fifty-nine years of independence.
It has the potential to DESTROY everything we have achieved as a nation.
It is merit that is pulling the nation ahead. It is merit that has earned India respect in the international community. It is merit which pays the salaries of these useless MPs/MLAs.
Who do you think has the potential of becoming the next Narayan Murthy or J.N. Tata. He who is so capable he can invest his entire life into his dreams or he whose only aim in life is to get a reserved seat, a reserved job and then sit back and collect his paycheck every month, a paycheck which is again earned by the meritorious around him.
Where will the paychecks come from if there is no one to earn it?

At 9:12 PM, Blogger atlas said...

I wouldn't like to fuel a conspiracy theory. But why is that the media is almost ignoring the issue now? Don't they realize that this is the single MOST IMPORTANT issue india has faced in the last fifty-nine years of independence.
It has the potential to DESTROY everything we have achieved as a nation.
It is merit that is pulling the nation ahead. It is merit that has earned India respect in the international community. It is merit which pays the salaries of these useless MPs/MLAs.
Who do you think has the potential of becoming the next Narayan Murthy or J.N. Tata. He who is so capable he can invest his entire life into his dreams or he whose only aim in life is to get a reserved seat, a reserved job and then sit back and collect his paycheck every month, a paycheck which is again earned by the meritorious around him.
Where will the paychecks come from if there is no one to earn it?

At 9:28 PM, Blogger Sandiv Kalia said...

Respected People,

These no good politicians, who are just leeches to the society, have started to play their dirty games once again.

They have put the whole issue on hold, to create divide by hook or crook in your working. Most of you will start to feel the pinch one at a time. They will hit you leaders one at a time and break you.

After having done that they will try to put you in a political sytem which THEY control.

As they have done to the other student unions. None of the University Unions are with you because they are controlled by the politicians like Arjun Singh.

They want you to sit on hunger strikes etc, stop work, make the people to suffer so that they can strike back on you. Make you look bad, give a negative picture of you all to the public.

Please don't play to their tricks, Go Back to work, the persons who are on leave or off duty to continue the strike.

If no performance is one way of saying, over performance is another way.

So it is upon you you start a new campagain all together.

Those on duty to work harder, exposing these politicians. Tell them to be in the queue, Treat them as you treat any ordinary person. Throw the whole sytem at them.

At the same time send your message of equality to as many people as possible. Stop calling yourself on the lines of reservations, call yourself people of equality, because you are wanting equality in merit.

You want people equal in merit to compete in the respective fields.

You don't send a polio victim to be a marothan racer. If a polio victim comes to you, you give him treatment so that he can walk or if possible run ordinarialy, not on competative racing.

These Politicians have always won, this time they have returned hurt, they will hit you hard now. Be Prepared.

First thing they will do is stop the press, they will not let you go public.

Go to the uncharted territory.

IIT Engineers can help you.

Tell your friends to cover you on their Mobile camers and handycams. Publish them on the internet. Send these clipping to your friends abroad, ask them to release them to the international press there.

Go on the internet too, mass mailers, live shows, invite new talents to give entertainment shows, invite guests to your place of agitations.

Starving yourself will not help, wars are not won on empty stomachs.

Start Living from the place of Agitation.

Organise free food, eat yourself at these Bandars, ask relatives of patients to eat with you listen to their problems, you will find 90% of them suffering in the hands of these Politicians, expose them on this.

Start your campaign of cleaning the social evil.

More later.

At 9:31 PM, Blogger atlas said...

We have all seen shameless, inept, hypoctite politicians go on television and say: What IIT, what IIM, What AIIMS? There is nothing special about them. Mr. Kanchan Iliah's favorite dialogue: These are just a result of Money and English!!! Money and English. You pathetic idiot!! I have spent four years in an IIT and I can say this for sure: 90%of the students getting into such institutions are from the poor or middle class families. WHy? Because the parents have faced innumerable hardships and want the lives of tgheir children to be easier. There was a guy in my college who wrote his JEE paper in Bengali and qualified. English, did you say? He did not know English when he got admission. Who is responsible for this? The West BEngal Government who in a fit of misguided nationalism decided to ban English in primary schools. What would you want us to do, dear politicians, give up English,Then where is the revenue going to come from? The BPO's and the IT firms and the medical outsourcing. What would you want us to do. Write software in Hindi. And who will use it? More importantly, who will pay for it?

After such sinister allegations, we must demand that a review be done not only on the effect of reservations, BUT ALSO ON THE CONTRIBUTIONS MADE BY THE BEST INSTITUTES IN INDIA.

At 9:33 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

We dont want a government

BJP divides us on Minority Basis and Congress on Caste...

At 9:35 PM, Blogger atlas said...

Is there any event scheduled for the 20th? The Mumbai guys are having a candle light march. Anything in Delhi. Or should I just get up and go to AIIMS.

At 9:45 PM, Blogger atlas said...

Listen guys,
You cannot take on the entire political establishment by yourselves. So you have to pick specific targets. Like say, you target the Congress and hope that after a few more days of strike, the Opposition will attack it in the Parliament, not on the issue of reservation, but on the issue of shortage of medical facilities.
Also, targeting Arjun Singh is good, but I think we must include Sonia GAndhi also. It seems an insenstive thing to do, but she calls the shots and she just might listen.

At 9:53 PM, Blogger atlas said...


At 10:19 PM, Blogger Sandiv Kalia said...

Respected All,

Let me congratulate you all for winning the first round from these social leeches, (our present politicians)

Now time has come to prepare for the second round.

This time you all are going to be hit harder.

Prepare your self for
Phase one:
They are going to put a Split in your system

What I fail to understand is that, you people are being referred as anti-reservationists, and people have started working on pro and anti basis.

Please call yourself people for equality.
As I understand you are agitating for equality.
What you want is that equal caliber people compete.

To put it more clearly let me put a small example.

A person is suffering from Polio.
What do you do.
Curse the place from where he has come.
Curse his parents, caste creed, nationality, origin etc

No, you give him medicine, and other treatments.
So that he can walk or if possible run again.
You don’t send him on competitive racing
On the competition you send people of same caliber.
People who are equals.

So when it is competition we want equal persons.
Otherwise let it be first come first served, or any such system why competetion.

Phase 2.
Stop the Press to cover your agitation.

(This I shall elaborate on my next Comment.)


At 10:30 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...




At 10:45 PM, Blogger 4india said...

What about demanding for a referendum on the Quota issue ? Politicians misuse the tax-payers' money, by thrusting elections very often. (e.g. contesting from multiple seats & resigning, so thrusting bye-elections). So, for such a vital issue which can affect India's future, why can't there be a referendum ?

At 11:04 PM, Blogger shuru said...


At 11:08 PM, Blogger Sandiv Kalia said...

Respected All,

As I had said earlier the political Leeches have started their phase 1, which is by creating a split, and would start the second phase 2, of stopping the press to cover your agitation.

As for the splitting is considered.
You can easily see their working on the University level,
They have taken over the whole system.
Today when all the students are with you their leaders are waiting instruction from their bosses. Like Arjun Singh.
Under closed doors they must have given their consent to you all, but outside and on the actual working they are waiting instructions from their bosses, who control them in every way. (Don’t expect them to come to you for any support, any work which you will assign them, they will ensure that you fail, inside all those who have come to you have a hidden agenda of Splitting you.)

Soon you all will find that anger is setting in your discussions. This is the start of the spitting.

In part one they labeled you
Pro and Anti,
While you said you were on equality.
The word equality was drowned.

Remember the past Mandal Days.
The agitation started from AIIMS at that time too.
Went to every part of India.
India stopped for more than a week.
Parents with their children were on the roads.
The Media was not this active at that time.
Still the agitation traveled to every nook and corner.

The whole agitation was killed by the politicians.

This time the whole media was with you all.
Your voice was reaching every home all over the world, every hour,
But still the agitation could not even travel to other student leaders,

Know WHY.

The politicians had learnt a lesson then.
They have now put a split in place.
The Student leaders are under their thumbs.
They have either bribed, bullied or blackmailed them to submission.

If they have plan A in place with the Split.
You turn to your Plan A too.
Fight the Split.

More I shall elaborate on my next Comment.)


At 11:31 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here is what i propose. I want to break india in caste specific nations based on their population percentage. Let OBCs have their own country, SC/STs their own, brahmins their own and khsatriyas and vaishyas their own. That way, every community can progress in it's unique nation. The national resources can be divided in percentages equal to their population percentages. People should be moved to their respective caste countries (after providing compensation for their current assets).

At 11:38 PM, Anonymous Atlas Shrugged said...

on 20th may 2006.
everyone is requested to gather at maulana azad medical college at 8 am sharp.the rally will leave at 9 am.

please come in large numbers.and make your voices heard.

At 11:39 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi im bijun from jipmer

do contact us as we too are moving in for a consensus before we strike or do anything likewise....

i caught this site on the fly

so i don have the phone numbers of our prezident or secretary

do mail me at
or scrap at

At 11:40 PM, Blogger Sandiv Kalia said...

Respected all,

As I had said earlier about the split, let me add here that you require a plan to fight the split too.

Action ONE
Stop closed door meeting with the politicians.
Ask them to come to your place of agitation.
If they ask you to come to them, do not close the door.
Tell them you have nothing to hide,
Ask them why they want close door meetings.
Beat them on their turf.
Call the Press too at that time.
Record all they say on your Handy cams,
Even when the press is there and they are recording.

Press will only show what they want them to show.

Action TWO
Stop the Hunger Strike.
Wars are not won on empty stomach.
A person with an empty stomach is weak.
Weak Body Weak Mind.
You are more prone to mistakes when
Your mind or bodies are weak.
They want you in one of these situations.
Don’t fall for them.

More I shall elaborate on my next Comment.)


At 12:13 AM, Blogger atlas said...

Let me repeat something that most of you know but might not realize the full impact of. If this bill is passed today, the effects on our country and ourselves will be catastrophic. This is because four years from now a batch of students will pass out 505 of who will not be acceptable to the industry. Then the governmet will bring in a second proposal.They will enforce reservation in the pivate sector. The big companies might absorb the loss but the small ones will sink.
The boom witnesses in IT and BPO sectors which are poised to become the engine of our growth, will bust. Then what? We will lose everything we have worled for so far. Even the big companies will not be able to sustain it in the long run. The boom that companies like Tata Motors, Bajaj, Hero Honda are witnessing is becuase they are facing unprecented demands from people who have disposable income. The pharma companies are growing because the population has more money to spend o medicines. Road side dhabas and chai shops are flourishing because people have money to spend. The income generated at the top most level of the society is trickling down to the lowest strata.
A fifty percent reservtaion will force small companies to shut down and large one to shift base to lower cost countries like Ukraine or Vietnam. Now the situation worsens for even the reserved students. The government proposes a bill that since they have a population of 50% the reservation in ovt sectors should be increased by so much. Infosys oves out, Wipro moves out.
The whole economy crashes becuase the government decided to kill the hen that laid a golden egg each day.

At 12:17 AM, Blogger atlas said...

There are always people who do not care. Most of them think:Why the hell should I get into this. I already have a good job, a good life.
When you fight against the government guys, remember one thing.

At 12:35 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's really time for some change big time. It really upto the general public to do something drastic to stop this so called neta/gunda/jungle raj.

At 12:47 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Atlas says: Most of them think:Why the hell should I get into this. I already have a good job, a good life.

I do not think that is the case. We are watching the conditions very very carefully. We might not get enough time to join a rally, but that does not mean we will not. We are just worried if you guys will not leave this thing just in the middle. Hang on and you will find many people joining.

At 1:21 AM, Blogger atlas said...

At 1:30 AM, Blogger indian youth said...

This is a pure case of mockery at the govt level policies, and a very bad
political vote bank game. In this age of Globalization, how can we sustain
on the basis of reservation.? This is very shocking to see these policies
come up under the arm of Mr. Chidambaram, Mr. Manmohan Singh and Mr. A.P.J.
Kalam. We are very soon inviting brain drain from this country, and our
premier institutes will be filled up with mediocre ones (on reservation

At 1:32 AM, Blogger indian youth said...

Hats off to your valuable efforts .As you people are facing various difficulities while showing your resistance against it.They have been facing the degraded politics of national parties,brutuality of policemens ,some stiffness from your family,scorching heat of sun etc.You people are really the face of entire youth of india,who want to decide their own future.
Its going to be a revolution against these degraded politicians . we have to fight against all this unjustice.

At 1:39 AM, Blogger indian youth said...

We have to think about various other aspects ,which can be useful in strengthening our revolt.We think ,we should play the card of politics against these abase politicians.As no political party has clear their stand on this issue, We think,We should announce the launch of new POLITICAL PARTY representing the youth of entire nation.
What it will do , is set the panic among various political parties and they have to agree upon our demands.There is very good chance that this new political party will do its work ,even without contesting the elections!!!! Even if they don't agree ,then obviously we have the option of going in to masses through elections.
Why we are stressing on launch of new political party ,is , because the ANTI-QUOTA regime ,is not the only issue that concern the future of nation.There are various others issues likes corruption,Gunda's turning in to politicians etc.But what ANTI-QUOTA issue doing ,is ,bringing the whole youth under one umbrella, which is not an easy task.We should utilize this oppurtunity,to do some other useful work for the nation. Its GOLDEN CHANCE for us,because first time the youth of whole nation is united.So PLEASE don't let this chance goes in to vain.
Take it seriously.Waiting for your reply

At 1:52 AM, Blogger arun14nih said...

these dirty politicians deserve no other treatment except brutal assasinations that too publicallyin a way that it becomes alesson for others.

also my dear friends why shoughting against the name of arjun singh only while even persons like PM and kalam are not uttering a single proves that they love post and power more than the country and that they have joined the politics only to get these otherwise they surely wouldn't have cared for the vote banks

so raise slogans against these people too
MANMOHAN SINGH hai hai, murdabaad, murdabaad

youths of india zindabaad

At 1:54 AM, Blogger simon said...

For how long should we wait for the day that someone somewhow will change the future of this country. We must act now?

554 jockers in the parliament can not change the future of this country. They think that they are better than english rule in imposing the nonsence law?

We must fight. Not for us, not for upper or lower cast, but fight for the nation.


At 1:58 AM, Blogger hope said...

our protests have been totally non violent and i am appealing to each and every student to make sure that it stays that way.
the pro reservation rally which took place today in patna was just the thing we shouldnt be doing.i think it was a gimmick by the political parties....students started attacking the police, they created havoc,showed that the students are being beaten up so that the political parties have a reason to rally out now...
we would be playing into the hands of the politicians if we got violent.
let us show the nation how the youth fights for a cause.

At 2:12 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

even opposition is quiete . are these people just not bothered about doctors.. is it time where we have to seriously think of makin some unity and abolish these politician sittin in parliament and who do nothin other than playin their dirty politics.. just have a thought way ahead still but one cannot deny youth of equality to be the next ruling government . y wont people vote for justice. its far off but not something one shuld not think off..

At 2:15 AM, Anonymous divakant misra said...

hey i am frm mr medical college gulbarga...we cant make it to march but are carrying out a rally ourselves with arnd a thousand ppl...wish us and u all a success!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1youth for equality!!!

At 2:21 AM, Blogger atlas said...

Parallel OPDs and the good in people:
The Medicos have rightly opened a number of parallel OPDs outside hospitals. Why? Because they are responsible people.
This is something people like Arjun Singh can never comprehend. Why would someone do something if he/she does not benefit from it?
It will sound cruel, but to make the Government act immediately, I think you must close them down. Why? Because the Government will never act until the benefit it gets from applying reservation is outweighed by the loss it incurs from the lack of medical facilities.
You must understand this clearly. No matter what we say or do: everything will be weiged in terms of votes. Everything. Do not expect politicians to change overnight. They will not. They have too much to lose. It is only when they realize they are losing more votes than they are getting that they will act

At 2:33 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

even opposition is quiete . are these people just not bothered about doctors.. is it time where we have to seriously think of makin some unity and abolish these politician sittin in parliament and who do nothin other than playin their dirty politics.. just have a thought way ahead still but one cannot deny youth of equality to be the next ruling government . y wont people vote for justice. its far off but not something one shuld not think off..

At 2:45 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


I join the Anti Reservation, Anti Quota Movement,

as a free Indian
as a Dental Surgeon
as an Orthodontist

The Anti Reservation/Quota Movement is being portrayed as a Doctor's Agitation. This is NOT so but the Medical Fraternity is to be congratulated for taking up this very important and a very sensitive issue to voice their protests and their concerns, even at the cost of braving police atrocities. One has only to recollect the graphic TV images. (In fact one of the agitating Doctors had a placard which read ' worst day since Jallianwala Baug'.)

This issue, if not addresed in the right perspective threatens to destroy our social fabric anew.

This protest should have actually sprung from each and every responsible Indian, from all walks of life, especially the Professionals and the Intellectuals. That it has unfortunately NOT happened so far is perhaps an indication of an extreme apathy and resignation.

This ploy of popping up increased Reservations and Quotas needs to be seen in the right perspective and that is, it is nothing but a wonderful gimmik of the politicians to generate and sustain VOTE BANKS through appeasement.

And let us not forget that these are the same politicians who get together, for example, to stay the sealing of unauthorized business premises by the New Delhi Muncipality, in the Capital or the legalising of the unauthorized structures in UlhasNagar, Maharashtra; fearing alienation of powerful pressure groups and lose out politically.

Historically speaking, (and I assume ) Reservations were proposed for a limited period, to integrate a certain class of society, which suffered oppression and suppression because of the castes and the communities that they were born in, into the mainstream of the social fabric and ensure emancipation and growth in a free atmosphere, sans the barriers of caste and community.

We all know that time span is already over but the Reservations still continue. No political party is willing to commit a political harakiri by opposing them. In fact and ironically enough, they are going out of their way to increase them from the present levels - ostensibly to ensure the upliftment of these castes and communities and a release from the oppression and suppression that they suffered years ago.

I join the Anti Reservation, Anti Quota Movement because I believe,

that this can only increase Casteism,
create walls between Castes and Communities,
create Animosity and Hatred,
create another Oppressed Class of highly educated people,
create barriers in the pursuit of excellence and merit
be a deterrant in the formation of a Strong and United India,
strengthen the hand of those who are politically manouvreing the masses for their ulterior motives.

(Of course all this should be abhorred at all times and especially at the highest professional levels.)

While no rational, reasonable individual will ever want another human being to suffer oppression and suppression on the basis of his birth and wish that every individual is able to achieve his optimal growth with equal opportunities, surely the past 55 + years have shown that Reservations and Quotas is Not the way !

The following can be looked at as long term solutions,

* consider better education opportunities and aid at grass root levels. ( school and college )

this will ensure that benefit will start early and is available to all, not just the 'upper crust' members of the backward communities and castes.

* consider loation or the area background, eg a village, small town or a city.
available opportunities will drastically and dramatically alter with the location advantage.

* consider economic backwardness.

* consider gender

* a certain number of seats, in addition to the total number of seats available ( No Reservations, No Quotas ) to be made available to meritorious students, irrespective of their birth background.

In fact, the abovementioned criteria, perhaps amongst many more, should be applicable to all individuals irrespective of their birth background who apply in that category.

If one asks an individual who has benefited from such reservations in his education and career and if he has enough honesty as well as guts, he is sure to agree that he has got what in reality should have been rightfully some one else's prerogative.

* A person who has enjoyed the benefits of Resevations and Quotas, will NEVER want it to be taken off and will continue to play his Caste Card every time he senses an opportunity to edge out a more deserving candidate.

He will want them for his children as well as grandchildren and all his future generations.( economic status notwithstanding )

on the other hand,

* An individual who has been marginalised and denied an opportunity in education and/or career, because of Reservations and Quotas, will therefore be turned spitefully Casteist !

This marginalised individual who has lost such an opportunity because of Reservations, is in reality a very capable individual, whose only 'crime' is that he is born into an Upper Caste family !

Ironically enough, Resevations were meant to eliminate such a Caste based lack of opportunity and create social equality.

We are in effect creating another class of oppressed and suppressed young individuals, a whole lot of them, in reality.

And this is the irony of Reservations and Quotas and Our Times !

Thus, eitherway Reservations and Quotas are NO WIN in totality !

Mind you, I am not talking about Merit at all.
Merit is NOT the prerogative of any Caste or a Community.

It is merely the combined outcome of basic innate ability and the opportunities made available.

To conclude,

I say NO to Reservations, I say NO to Quotas,

in education and in jobs

as a free Indian
as a Dental Surgeon
As an Orthodontist


I say yes to building a better, stronger and united India.

I urge you to do the same !

How do we show our solidarity with this movement ?
How do we get together ?
How do we get our voice heard ?

Pl. suggest ways and means of registering protest.


Do we stop whatever that we are doing and at 9.00 AM on a given day, honk or ring a bell or loudly say NO ?
across Mumbai, across New Delhi, across India
till our collective voice is heard ?

Please pass this to as many people as you can.

At 2:50 AM, Blogger IgnouStudentUnion said...

Why doctors only oppose quota why not us……………?????,
I would like to call all of you to oppose this rubbish quota system. I request you If you are against quota then Plz support the AIIMS student where Student from IIT Delhi,Kanpur,IIM kolkata,IGNOU,etc.. already joined the protest. So many student are on hunger strike At AIIMS.
Indian youth wake up now what you people are waiting for????. It is matter of our country future. It is time to do something for our country.
We are going to oppose Quota on Saturday(20 th May 2006) 8AM at Maulana Azad medical College, New Delhi. if you wish then you are most welcome there to join us.
This is the worse thing made by UPA Goverment..They are not only Dividing The Student Group but also adding poison in the JAM of Nationality,Unity. They are trying to Break our Unity just like bloody Englishmen did in past. One very important point is there in hunger strike so many OBC/SC/ST student are also included(Youth For Equality ). So, Friends Be Unite On the Metter of Nationality,Unity. An Important Line Came in My mind at this time which is written by National KAVI "Ramdhari Sing Dinker" . i.e.


One more thing is--> my view on Quota i.e. there should not be any type of Reservation in any field on the basis of Cast and Community. It should be on the basis of Economical position either they from the UPPER cast or from OBC,etc(LOWER).(UPPER AND LOWER DIFINED BY SOCIETY NOT BY ME).
2nd thing is that


At 2:53 AM, Anonymous manee said...


I have read the comment of INDIANSCHOOLSTUDENTS on your latest post which shows the numbers and other data.
Reading that,its so very clear,that reservations are hardly going to help in the present scenario,we need something more practical.

YOU:it's like asking 'are all africans capable of running 100m in 11 seconds?'
hmm...if the africans are not capable of this,the they dont deserve to win or even participate in this 11second-100m race.OBviously we cant reserve 1st and second positions for those who were left behind in the race?WE rather would make sure next time they practice harder and try their level best to make it to the 1st position.
by the way,im surprised you gave the instance of a race,hope you know it requires pure healthy competition irrespective of caste.
or are you planning to demand reservations for OBCs in such sport competitions also?Your example is a bit irrelevant to justify your statement as it rather althemore strngthens mine...coz here i ask you your very own question "are all africans capable of running 100m in 11 seconds?"

YOU:is that how you understood my posts? looks like you haven't read any of them.. but came running here to spew meaningless venom on us..just because it says 'obcvoice'

Had i not read all your posts i wouldnt have posed the question at the first place.Your intentions are definitely for the welfare of the OBCs but its so downright preposterous to pull down the talented and the already capable,in oreder to make the OBCs capable.Our competition is not between lower and upper castes but its on an international basis...our INdian doctors engineers etc have the competition with the world doctors and at such a crucial turn in the development we are heading for a step backward?
You say:" but came running here to spew meaningless venom on us..just because it says 'obcvoice'"
you talk of venom?
is that how you understood my posts,my comments my sentimentality...and me? looks like you haven't read any of me..or your narrow mindedness is utterly incapable of comprehending my gentle and open outlook towards life...towards my fellow Indians...(OBCs).
And about venom i would say,if your demand for 27% reservations gets implemented,you will really know what venom is...less patient people will begin to make fun of the OBCs,they will completely lose their respect in the society becoz they have tresspassed on someone else's rights.An OBC student will be looked down upon for his quota,they will be mocked at...A life of educational prosperity but social misery is what follows the venomous snake of reservations for the OBCs.

finally,'s you and your partners here who seem stressed out on the question of reservations..not me..

yeah..i am really stressed out.stressed out to see the lathi charges on the peacefully protesting medical students,stressed out to see them on hunger strike for a week now...stressed out to see the future of my India dismal...stressed out to see that OBCs need crutches of reservations to get into a professional college...they need reservations for post graduations...and then for jobs...stressed out as now there will be brain drain and brightest of the minds will leave the country...yeah im really stressed out.

BUt its surprising as well as poignant to see you arent.NOw i understand why my comments are 'WITHOUT SUBSTANCE' for you...

EMOTIONS are without substance for you.

At 2:53 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...
As a result of the government's efforts to solve the quota crisis, striking medicos on Friday demanded an assurance from the government that it will not implement the proposed Other Backward Classes quota till the number of seats in educational institutions are increased with proper infrastructure.

What is this? Are you people on a backfoot? Are you trying to compromise?

At 2:58 AM, Blogger atlas said...

NoBody is compromising. Yesterday Ramadoss said the strike will end. It is nothing but propaganda

At 2:58 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Guys,
Awesome.You are doing a great job.Stick to your demand of a total rollback of the quota proposals.Please do not give up your struggle in the promise of increased seats in Educational Institutions.That will be like legitimising the quota scheme.I don't want my country turn into another Zimbabwe

At 3:02 AM, Blogger atlas said...

Let them try and increase the number of seats. Let them try and do one thing which requires a lot of hard work. Let them know how we made it this far in our lives.

At 3:09 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

QUOTA is dark cloud over our country.And its about to divide our country. So not only doctors or students but working people,parents all should join this come people in mass and help doctors to finish QUOTA with there root.
jai Hind,

At 3:15 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Doctor Bhai mat Ghabrana
tumhare pichhe sare Jamana

At 3:23 AM, Anonymous pradeep said...

Leaders like arjun singh are creating differences in we indians on the name of caste and creed.
According to me we are indians we are not obc,sc,st or general.
OBC's are not inferior nor they are physically disabled any way, so why is there quota system.
This is just the dirty politics nothing else.

At 3:24 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Apart from protesting on the streets we should create more awareness about this problem in the global media and make the wider world audience aware of the sinister motives of the Indian government.I think we have a great tool by the way of Internet which was not available to us during Mandal(1).We should make effective use of this medium to make our voice heard to the wider world audience.We should not give into promises of increased seats.

I am happy to note that People like Narayanamurthy saying that IIM(A) would not accept proposals to increase seats.

At 3:25 AM, Blogger IgnouStudentUnion said...


This is an excellent move taken by all medical, engineering and management students. You people are not alone. IGNOU students are also with you on saturday movement. As a general and responsible citizens of the country we would like to participte in a rally that is going to be taken by all students on saturday. We would like to say that this is not a matter of only medical and engineering student it's a matter of country future so we should get all together and take strict action againt quota. And we would like to appel to all general and responsible citizens of the country to step forward and support our cause that concerns one and all.


At 3:26 AM, Blogger Rajiv said...

Corporate India is also joining you guys... for updates... Check
Definitely see you there tomorrow... on 20thMay2006.

At 4:07 AM, Anonymous Om Lakhani said...

60 Students from Baroda Medical College have left to join you in your protest in Delhi on 20th may. Please Contact Ankur Kapoor 9426322565

At 4:12 AM, Blogger Aragon said...


On another note, I would ask you folks to get organized. Currently as I can take in the situation, its the medicos who are leading this revolution, while the other people stand around and helplessly ask what they can do to help. There are other ways to help if you cannot take part in the hunger strikes or protest marches. Following are a few ideas, you can suppliment them with your own :
* Engineers - you are needed to spread the awareness. You are the gurus of technology - which is helping put India on the world net ( and which the Congress is trying to bring down). Put on your thinking caps - start thinking of ways to communicate. Webpages ? Groups ? Smsing ? Streaming videos etc ? Do it.
* Arts students - you are the gurus of art. Design the posters. Design a logo for this site. Write the articles. Suppliment the websites by the engineers with your speeches. Suppliment the Docs with your banners.
* Working class people - if you dont realize it yet, you are next in line. Till now, the reservation focus was on just the educational institues - but as the not so subtle hints of the Govt show - it will come soon to the private sector. Do you want that ? Do you suddenly want chasms among your colleages based on whether they are General or SC/ST/OBC ?

YFE, a suggestion to you guys. Get all the YFE's into one page. On blogger you can have multiple people posting in one blog. You can add people to your 'team'. Do that. Instead of having scattered blogs which will also scatter your readership - get on one page. Post there. Post on one page - so people know what's happening from one page.

The current crop of politicians - they are chatte hue badmash. You cannot defeat them if you are all fighting alone - even if you are in the same battle. Organize. Get together. Become one. Use each others strenghths where just one alone will not work.

At 4:15 AM, Blogger atlas said...

Tomorrow is a big day my friends. Let's make it the turning point for our country

At 4:38 AM, Blogger Ajinkya said...

amen! dude u stole my words. BTW engineers arent passive observers. here in nasik, we actively took part in the protests and our role was covered by zee news.
i want to again reinforce what aragon said. ORGANISE.. we need to know who is the 'organiser' of events, who is the head.. the coterie who takes decisions. we need to have access to these ppl. the organisation @ nasik's demonstration could have been a lot more better, if it was organised b4 hand with proper info dessimination.
So, the first thing to do is to start a webpage (not a blog)..where besides the news and contacts, there would be live rss feeds to other satellite sites. chat applets, facility to disseminate info sms's to representives around india. (my bills gone through roof after smsin to few hundred ppl in last 2-3 days :D)

BTW be assured, in the 2nd week of june, when our exams get over.. the whole of engineering comm. will rise and take this protest with such momentum that it hasnt seen yet.

we need to have constant communication between various quarters of students around india.. ASAP.. this should be done on mission mode..
without proper info dissemination, it wont take long for the passion to fizzle out..
to ignite minds and to keep the momentum, info dissemination is of prime importance.

At 4:39 AM, Blogger lucifer said...



At 5:09 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

See this:

Will somebody shoot that old dog cum asshole- Arjun Singh? I pray to krishna that he dies a very cruel death soon.

At 5:15 AM, Blogger Aragon said...

For those in corporate world... the blue collars are also going to take part in the rally tomorrow. I have uploaded the email I recieved from a friend ( removed names / phone nos for obvious reasons).

Reservation Rally in Delhi on 20th

At 5:19 AM, Blogger atlas said...

I think it is time to put the divide-and-succeed policy to the right use. I think we should now straightaway reject any attempt by Arjun Singh to hold talks with the striking students. We should instead request a meeting with Sonia GAndhi or Manmohan Singh. We should make it clear through every channel available that we have completely lost faith in Arjun Singh and are willing to talk to anyone except him. We have to isolate him, in his party, in this society and in this world

At 5:22 AM, Blogger Ajinkya said...

Hail Student Power!
rock delhi with the power of youth.
BTW, there's one request.. plz take videos from various vantages, and upload them.. so that we could use them to spread some propoganda to rouse passions.

At 5:28 AM, Blogger vmmc-safdarjang said...


Dear citizens,uptil now you have seen us ‘doctors’ in only one role and that is the role of the “healer”.But now we have decided to fight back against the
“CANCERS OF SOCIETY” who are really much more dangerous and aggressive
than the one we doctors encounter in our hospitals.

DEAR COUNTRYMEN we can treat these cancers but not these
‘SOCIAL CANCERS’ who are our politicians sadly.We need your support and determination for fighting it back.
Gone are the days when we used to simply come out of the cinema halls chatting about movies like “rang de basanti” and “yuva” .Time has come now to create more YUVAS in our society in real now…………

We would like to ask you “what is backwardness”? Is it the daily non avaibility of food –water or just a legacy that you inherit or inculcate from our ancestors?WE simply want that there should be equality of opportunities in all spheres and there should be NO CASTE DIVIDE between us.WE as doctors DON’T SEE THE CASTE OF OUR PATIENTS IN TREATING THEM THEN WHY SHOULD THEY DIVIDE DOCTORS AND SOCIETY ON BASIS OF CASTE?





DR NAGINDER 9810760157
DR SUMEET 9899832139

At 5:49 AM, Blogger atlas said...


At 6:12 AM, Anonymous Manas K said...

Fresh lathi charge in PunE!!!

At 6:16 AM, Blogger Ruin It.. said...

The politicians have a design. They want to see the world's best institutions of higher education of India become another Nalanda. A GRAND RUIN.

At 7:08 AM, Blogger Smiling Agony said...

Arjun Minority Singh (may his tribe decrease)
Awoke one night from a dream of minority appease
And saw in the fading light of his political doom
A 27% reservation could make his dying career bloom
A move resented by wise men young and old
But corrupt political support had made Mr. Singh bold
“What doest thou?” all shocked students said
Arjun Minority Singh shamefully nodded his head
With a look complete with political distort
He said “ To whatever ways you retort
The Parliament has given this bill a go”
But the students refused, “ It can’t be so,
Another Mandal we would never allow
We’ll stop your evil designs, let us show you how
No students, No engineers, No Doctors saving lives
Let us see how long this government survives
We wonder why don’t you politicians yield
To a 50% reservation in the political field
And when all the politicians also faced the reservation test
lo! Arjun Singh too was left out with the rest !!


( A take off from the famous poem – Abou Ben Adhem)

May the Force be with you...

At 7:29 AM, Blogger Aragon said...

Khoon jo ab na khaula wo khoon nahi paani hai.
Jo Desh ke kaam na aaye bekar woh jawani hai.

At 7:43 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

yes there is a problem but reservation is not a solution........

At 7:48 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...





At 7:52 AM, Anonymous Mahashweta Burma said...

hello all,
we all need to first of all congratulate the parliament for their first unanimous what if it is to destroy the nation...i beleieve that reservation based on caste should be abolished completely and the government should step forward to help people from the economically weaker section of our society. even to this day socially backward people in rural areas don't have the facilty to drink water...the governemnt should bridge the divide thier and not think of benefiting thier own kids...its a rumour and i am not sure of this but i have heard that arjun singh is doing this because he was not given importance by his cabinet and also that it is possible that his son is trying for chief ministership in Madhya Pradesh which has a huge number of OBC people...i think the governement should work more on passing the nuke deal in the senate which is important for our country and not think of ways to divide the country...STOP STATE SPONSORED CASTEISM

At 7:57 AM, Blogger eshna said...

We all are very proud and happy about our youth who are so much concerned about their nation and the IMA rohini joined by my mom and dad is also charting their strategy to come out in the open and give heat to this issue. We all friends fully support you in your protest. Don't let the heat die out. We will protest till we are given justice.
I want to ask the supporters of the reservation why are they supporting such a thing that is given not gained???

Don't they know till today the 27% reserved seats are not full.SO WHY DO THAT??
I don't understand it.
The seen in Patna is disturbing but I want to tell them that their support will lead us nowhere. Therefore, we wll not let the reservation go on.

At 8:37 AM, Anonymous talib said...

you all r brave heart.carry on the protest.the holidays in schools and universities have deterred students to organise a mass protest.but still it is simmering and will take the form of wild tienenman square in china in 1988 over 4 lacs students protested against the government and demanded democracy in china.the did not call off the protest but they were brutally suppressed by imposing martial law.draw some inspiration and protest for months.even if the bill is passed dont worry, just compound the protest.i am a d.u student .i am trying to aware people everyday aboout this protest.after independence there is something woth to fight for.i will support u till the last drop of blood flows into my vein. i will also organise mass rally as soon as colleges and schools get open.inquilab zindabad!

At 8:43 AM, Anonymous talib said...

its talib again .i am a du student.if ican help in spreading the flames of protest then please contact me on my is 9891779220

At 8:58 AM, Blogger Neeraj said...

I reserve a participation in this revolution....

At 9:15 AM, Blogger Nikhil Pahwa said...

Email your MP's and tell them that you wont vote for them if quotas are instituted. It's time to divide the polity.

At 9:16 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

All the NRI apart from stagin a small protest in ur country.Also you can email to the embassy in your countries.Though they won't care for it much.But keep sendin then i say send so many that their server goes down

At 9:21 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

20th May,morning.
We are organising a protest outside the Dashmesh Institute of Research and Dental sciences,Faridkot.Govt Medical College,Faridkot will also join.

At 9:26 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


At 10:50 AM, Anonymous Hosh 'n' Josh said...

Lines from Dinkar's RashmiRathi, ( with minor variation)

De Khud Ko De ABHAYA DAAN, Arjun,Arjun Ho Savadhaan..
Tu Nahi Hosh Me Aayega,
Kuch Bhee Na Shesh Rahjayega

At 11:05 AM, Anonymous kajal said...

The complete idiots' guide on evil of reservations in India
01 It has not benefited the target population but has created a privileged class in reserved sections who generation after generation have cornered all the benefits. So in effect poor and needy from reserved categories are denied access to education and jobs by children of rich and prosperous government servants who due to accident of birth are born to parents who are well to do and backwards.
02 Just as a person from OBC/SC/ST pays his income tax depending on his income and not on his caste or the fact that he comes from the oppressed section of the society, his entry into professional colleges/defense forces should depend upon his merit and any reservation, if provided, should recognize the importance of economic status also. Just as nobody minds a poor person paying less tax both in terms of absolute amount and in terms of percent of whole income, similarly reservation on basis of economic criteria will be accepted by the country as a whole because general castes people will not get a feeling of reverse discrimination while really needy people in reserved classes will benefit from weeding out of parasitic creamy layer.
03 For record OBC stands for other backward classes and not castes. Hence by definition it has no place for any creamy layer/caste consideration.
04 The aim of founding fathers of our constitution was to have a society where caste and religion of a person becomes immaterial. By implementing caste-based reservations government will accentuate caste fault lines in the society.
05 By having caste based reservations government will be forced to hold a caste census(which was done away in 1932 to develop a pan Indian identity and kill the monster of caste) and from there, the demand for proportional representation in higher education, jobs, promotions, judiciary, cricket teams and defence services irrespective of merit is not far of.
06 The track record of government in upliftment of SC/ST is so poor that to camouflage it any government in power, in name of welfare, increases the reservation by 10 yrs and now they have been accepted as a permanent feature in this country and not a temporary measure of 10 years that framers of our constitution thought. So people fear that 27% OBC reservation will also permanently shrink the already small pie.
07 Parliament, state legislative bodies and other law making bodies are not always right and has time and again have changed laws cynically to suit their convenience e.g. office of profit, Ulhasnagar and Delhi demolition drive. During Shah Bano case parliament has already overruled supreme courts decision. Hence if some Johnny came lately comes up with a bill to have 37% reservations then Arjun Singh stock and barrel will be forced to support him to save their seats. So if government is sincere in its effort to bring reservations, it should reserve seats in all legislative bodies for women and OBCs.
08 The days of idealism in politics are truly over. Otherwise how come in a parliament of 545 in Lok sabha and more in Rajya sabha not a single member of any party has the guts to stand up and say what is right, true and just. This type of rarest of rare unity and understanding and consensus across the political spectrum was not seen even at height of Indo China war in 1962.The fact that left, right, congress and every party irrespective of their strength and ideology supports reservation should not be taken as what the country wants or needs. In eyes of all educated people and youth this is a crude election gimmick where government has come up with an unbeatable caste combination (much like MY of Lalu in Bihar which kept him in power for 15 years) and for any party to oppose it, is like committing political suicide. The best part of the entire issue is that unlike Dalit and Adivasi movements there has been no effort or demand on the issue from the caste concerned before honorable Arjun Singh exploded the time bomb on the nation. So unless the government brings a fact-finding/judicial investigation into benefit of reservation its utility and governments’ intentions will be in doubt.
09 By implementing reservation based on caste now we are going back in time and following reverse discrimination and making the caste of a person the deciding factor of his life and making a persons’ nationalality/nationhood subservient to his caste. In older times a lower caste person had to face difficulties and wanted a world free of the curse of castism where every person is a Indian first and Indian last. It is indeed ironical that today SC/ST/OBC are holding on to their caste certificate as their passport to success while the so called general caste people want a caste less world
10 By implementing 27% reservation for OBC in education and private jobs government has reduced the right of a general student to a decent education and living by one fourth. This is akin to jazia tax paid by non-muslims during Aurangzebs time. If that was tyranny of the emperor/state power, this is tyranny of majority and pushing the country towards mobocracy.

1. Any Indian whose father has a income of Rs 2 lakh pa should be considered ineligible for all kinds of reservation except physically handicapped reservation and even in this case it should be limited to engg/med degrees and not for specialization and superspecialisation.

At 11:11 AM, Blogger dr priyanka jain said...

hi everyone!
After so many days of our efforts..
the govt has failed to respond favourably
instead we r met wit lathi charges,tear gas and water cannons and INDIFFERENCE
this is surely not a democracy..
And the tyrants are a senile, illogical,eccentric HRD MINISTER, an ITALIAN underhand who barely speaks hindi ...forget abt understanding d real social scene in india and a PUPPET for a PM!
the only thing theseb blind selfish fools see is theIR VOTE BANKS!

At 11:13 AM, Blogger indianskoolstudents said...

hey i have a solution...
we can say that OBCs can be included in the present 22.5% reservations so that there still remains a sense of healthy competition among the STs/SCs/OBCs..obviously competing among themselves they should not have a problem...and will bring out the best of the best among those backward classes...watsay??

At 11:22 AM, Anonymous youth 4 equality mumbai said...

hello all
tomorrow ther is a candle light march going 2 happen in mumbais shivaji park in dadar at 6.00pm
be there with 1 candle

At 11:23 AM, Anonymous youth 4 equality mumbai said...

hello all
tomorrow ther is a candle light march going 2 happen in mumbais shivaji park in dadar at 6.00pm
be there with 1 candle
we need to shw the goverment wat the youth of today can do.

At 11:25 AM, Anonymous youth 4 equality said...

hello all
tomorrow ther is a candle light march going 2 happen in mumbais shivaji park in dadar at 6.00pm
be there with 1 candle.the goverment is trying to divide us on caste basis so tat they can rule in the future. v hve 2 fight
jai hind

At 11:29 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I only hear Medicos fighting for ant-quota , what happened to Engineers . I never heard much from premier Colleges like (IIT's , NIT's, Central Universities)

At 11:29 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

and BTW, Dr Priyanka, this Italian mafia Govt are going a step further...

Declaring Jains as religious minority and dividing a further wedge in our society..

Why has not 50% reservation Bill for women in Parliament been passed???

At 11:31 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

brahminical bastards. u deserve to be beaten with chappals and made to clean public toilets

At 12:03 PM, Blogger arjunguglani said...

I think we should have job reservations in all the
fields. I completely
> support the PM and all the politicians for promoting
this. Let's start
> the
> reservation with our cricket team. We should have 10
percent reservation
> for Muslims. 30 percent for OBC, SC/ST like that.
Cricket rules should
> be modified accordingly.
> The boundary circle should be reduced for an SC/ST
> player. The four hit by an OBC player should be
considered as a six and
> a six hit by an OBC player should be counted as 8
runs. An OBC player
> scoring 60 runs should be declared as a century.
> We should influence ICC and make rules so that the
pace bowlers like
> Shoaib Akhtar should not bowl fast balls to our OBC
> Bowlers should bowl maximum speed of 80 kilometer
per hour to an OBC
> player.
> Any delivery above this speed should be made
> Also we should have reservation in Olympics. In the
100 meters race, an
> OBC player should be given a gold medal if he runs
80 meters.
> There can be reservation in Government jobs also.
Let's recruit SC/ST
> and OBC pilots for aircrafts which are carrying the
ministers and
> politicians (that can really help the country...)
> Ensure that only SC/ST and OBC doctors do the
operations for the
> ministers and other politicians. (Another way of
saving the country...)
> Let's be creative and think of ways and means to
guide INDIA forward...
> Lets show the world that INDIA is a GREAT country.
Let's be proud of
> being an INDIAN...
> May the good breed of politicians like ARJUN SINGH
long live...

I tell u these politicians shud be put on fire in pulic. wat in the world r v people taliking about reservations for votes they can even sell their m-th-r. if they really want reservations and welfare of society then y not begin 4m them jst ask them 2 step down from their posts and obc go out there
i think that v as the future of this cuntry should start a revolt against them and also get the previous reservations removed. because sc/st/obc are in a majority today in our country and v are in a minority.

if dont stop this v r definately gonna suffer because today it is cast tomorow it will religion then language then age and then sex
let us fire off these ministers

i m not against any obc/sc/st but if u want to be iim,aiims or for that matter any other institute pass out study and earn it for urself if u have any self respect.

because 2morow these people will b respomsible for lives of many people no matter if they become a doctor or a civil engineer

i would request all my obc/st/sc frends sisters and brothers to stand with our medical students against the govt. policies and prove india is one

mera bharat mahaan

At 12:33 PM, Blogger drsankalp said...

I fully support the strike of all the doctors.
I will request all the common people to support the stike any any form whether on street,media ,press,official work.
It is issue of principles and time has come awake india before its too late.
There politicians did not even spare there own sons and brothers so who is JANATA for them.
Only you can change them.
Its really pity that two of the best brains who are at head of affairs are doing nothing except watching from living room.
These can seed of next divide of india if not stopped right now.

At 12:38 PM, Anonymous MANMOHAN !! MANMOHAN !! said...

The architect of liberalisation..
Manmohan!! Manmohan!!

Could not win any election..
Manmohan!! Manmohan!!

So, they made him PM of Indian Nation..
Manmohan!! Manmohan!!

Now he is a man of no action..
Manmohan!! Manmohan!!

Cannot face the opposition..
Manmohan!! Manmohan!!

Is he scared of the woman ?..
Manmohan!! Manmohan!!

JAGO man, the fire is raging on..
Manmohan!! Manmohan!!

Unfortunately he is our best politician ..

God help this great nation
God help this great nation

At 1:15 PM, Blogger Youth_Engg said...

hey wat happened 2 DU ?? any1 from DU on this blog who can explain y DU aint stepping in?? v need support from all over....please convince ur frands 2 join in...ASAP

At 1:59 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


At 2:10 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Protests against reservations are utter stupidity. There are 160 million dalits who still face untouchablity in our country. Think for a moment how would you bring them to social equality? You can't give them money.. atleast give them education!

At 2:24 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

this is exactly what we are saying. Give education not false promises.

At 2:45 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lalu Yadav, the champion of dalits can convince them that roads only help the rich to run their cars.. bastard...How many years you give him to pull them out ??

At 3:32 PM, Blogger Aarakshan said...

We, and all sensible citizens of India, should garner support to any reservation policy based on CLASS and NOT CASTE. All the facilities need to be given to Economically weeker sections of the society. Government can pay for the tution fees and help such students so that they are not deprived of studying, from Kinder Garten to Post Graduation.

The Consititution of India stated that the reservation was supposed to stay till 10 years, meaning till 1960. But it is 2006 now, and instead of gradually decreasing the reserved seats, the Government and Politicians are driving the country in reverse gear.

Reservation policy is like a cancer, which is rapidly spreading in the Indian Society. Reservations till 1989 was the first stage of the quota policy. Mandal commision implementation by VP Singh was the second stage and we have now entered the third stage of the cancer of reservation policy.

This cancer has to be treated before it reaches the last stage, where it can't be treated at all. India will thrown back several centuries and we will enter the dark ages.

Quota system - A one step backward ?

At 5:55 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would like to fund if any one or group would come to assasinate Arjun Singh. Unfortunately I cannot do that since I am in a different country. you name it 100,000USD??

At 7:58 PM, Blogger 4india said...

It is now sure, the politicians are determined to continue 'Quota' system. There is a suggetsion. Let them have educational institutes starting from degree colleges in every subdivision, Technical colleges in every state, one IIM(Q) in Chennai, and one IIT(Q) in Patna exclusively for so-called weaker section of society. There they can have 30% for SC, 20% for ST, 40% for OBC & 10% seats for minorities. All the expences can be borne by the Govt, with some contribution from corporate sector & some from the MPLAD fund of SC/ST/OBC & minority MPs. In that case image of existing institutes won't deteriorate, There won't be any caste division in society. Recruiters can visit those institutes & recruit people as per their requirement. That way Politicians can claim their goodwill for weaker section of society, & others have no (or very little) objection to that.

At 8:37 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

No need to make any extra effort to kill any politician, they will kill themselves. Arson Singh..., lady, So Near Yet so far from Gandhi... 'Maun'mohan sing..does'nt talk does'nt sing..Save the money for future Y4E project.or just take a good vacation

At 9:15 PM, Anonymous vaibhav bachani said...

you are doing a great job, keep up the good work, the whole nation is looking up to you for hope.
This reservations and politicians are bane of india, carry on your fight

At 9:21 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

no reservations

To all of u

chalo delhi

Its do or die

Its now or never

join us today

At 9:25 PM, Blogger lucifer said...






At 9:26 PM, Anonymous SURINDER SINGH said...

RESERVATION FOR WHOM ;- There is a belief that some communities in our society were denied the previlege to progress , study , and even worship the religion due to castism.
After independence constitution provided them reservation and suport to improve their social life.Initially it was for ten years but governments from time to time increased the time limits
to gain political advantage out of it and it bacame a tool to gain vote bank. This even denied
advantage to the concerned community because some influential and previleged of the same
community took undue advantage of this reservation policy, time and again.

Now about sixty years after independence, this reservation policy needs to be reconsidered to provide the benifit to the realy needy section of the socity.
It should not be on the bases of cast, creed, religion,region only but must be on economically
based also.
The person who is income tax payee , he and his family members should be excluded from this reservation advantage
Education should be the criteria to uplift the bacward
society.Give them free education upto 10 +2 with finencial suport, Stipen of Rs.200 for tenth/eleventh
class and Rs 400 p,m, for twelveth class. This can be shared by state & central government
Merit should be the only consideration for professional/ higher education. The deserving students
may further be suported with finencial aid as well.

This will give them confidence and self respect to stand with the other communities to built a better future and a better society as a whole.


At 9:49 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is the media totally bought out ?? There is a definite change of values in even a paper like The Hindu. Post Karunanidhi , I feel I am reading a different newspaper. Wot's going on..does anyone have any idea .

At 9:54 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What is this 'creamy layer' nonsense they keep talking about. Cream comes from milk that is boiled on FIRE. Whwn the netas promise free Gulabjamun,s during election..don't they know it is made from the cream only ?

At 10:22 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

A lot of phrases need defined. 'creamy layer' , 'social engineering' , OBC, is it other backeard CLASS or other backward CASTE..

in the words of Shankara

Shabdajaalam mahaaranyam

The network of words is like a dense forest where the mind wanders like a wild animal..

We need to come out in light.

At 10:26 PM, Anonymous Dr Rahul Agrawal said...

would like to give a suggestion to strengthen your movement.
as i feel reservation is inevitable and to some extend needed by the economicaly deprived section of our community. why dont we urge them (class 4 employees, taxi & auto drivers, eunechs, etc) to join us, as reservation needs to be based on economic status & not on the caste. this way we can get support of a larger part of society, which will further force the govt to listen to us.

At 10:37 PM, Anonymous prayrna said...

GOOD going guys we are with u ! i am a fashion design student n come forward to help u guys in any way so if u want fd students to come forward mail me on

At 10:40 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

the eunuchs are sitting in the 'hallowed precincts man.

At 10:50 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

politician v/s politician

sample this

Even as Mr. Mukhi and Dr. Harsh Vardhan accused the Chief Minister of doing nothing, an irritated Ms. Dikshit got up and accused the BJP leaders of playing petty politics for selfish gains. Ms. Dikshit said she would have the matter looked into as soon as the House was adjourned but this did not satisfy the BJP. Upset at the attitude of the BJP leaders, Ms. Dikshit got up again and, pointing towards Mr. Mukhi and Mr. Chauhan, said: "We had got the demolition of Mr. Chauhan's house stalled on Wednesday and told the MCD not to proceed with the order of demolishing the illegal structures. Mr. Mukhi you had called me up twice for Mr. Chauhan's work and I had returned your call stating that the demolition had been stopped and the concerned Deputy Commissioner had been asked to postpone the action for the time being. We helped you on Wednesday and we will again want to help you with regard to Ms. Bisht's matter but this is not the right way of getting things done."

..yeah we're learning the right ways .

At 11:14 PM, Blogger sandeep said...

i was a student when mandal 1 and I supported them fully even when I was in school today I am a MBA i know how i got this MBA thing alot of struggle alot of money and alot of wasnt easy to get seat in regular graduation in DU it needs hell lota percentage n then MBA from fore wasnt easy too...what i personally feel is quota would only divide people and serve to political gains of congress...what i would request you all if they dont rollback quota dont stop keep your agitation strong n keep up with it....DONT GET FRUSTRATED IT WOULD TAKE HELL LOT OF TIME IN INDIA SO BE READY FOR LONG WAR...WE ARE NOT POLICIANS SO LETS NOT GO FOR TOR PHOR JUST PEACEFUL AGITATION>>>>doctors should strike in different way patients shouldnt suffer like 50% should strike in morning rest in evening so patients also come in your favour....

what I would advice personally approch different socities...where I stay in rajouri garden MIG flats alot of people are willing to support but nobody approched should goto socities like ours on sundays with pamphlets and all I am sure you would get good response a huge response and plan a candle lite light protest in different socities in different parts of cities like a demonstration in each society with 2-3 students gathering a entire society i am sure our movement would see a great response from all walks of society as people usually dont goto dharnas in india but they would come on road next to there house lit a candle and if even 100 odd socities do this on a particular sunday I am sure it would send right signals to everybody ......waiting for a response....india rocks politicians sucks bbye

At 11:39 PM, Blogger Youth_Engg said...

i again urge ppl 2 shoot the protest wid dere personal cameras 'n broadcast the images over the net!!!

At 11:43 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

no frustrstion here sir, it is a joy. we are small in no. it is difficult to go door to door like politicians, more than 100 docs. have collapsed at the hunger strike. We are not against helping, service is a part of our job. Still we'll do our best to implement your suggestion.

At 12:19 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

rather than writing on this blog....

I urge u fella's to come out on the roads with atleast 4-5 friends of yours... and join the protest march...

I feel so miserable that being in UK, I cant do much..

Just read on a website that just a 1000 students r in the YFE rally in Delhi today...

Looking at the no of comments n emails I'v received in past few days, I thought it wud be a 50,000 people rally.

But dont give up, THE WAR HAS JUST BEGUN.

Get all OBC, poor people on ur side citing how creamy layer is taking away their due rights n cite economic criteria's for reservations...


At 12:24 AM, Anonymous Manan Kathuria said...

Hello All ,

I think what we are all trying to achieve is really commendable , and kudos to those who have put in their heart and soul into it . Everyone in the country already owes you for your effort .
Allow me to present a few thoughts off the top of my head . Im aware a lot of these things might be something already thought of and even implemented , and in that case i beg ignorance !

All successful agitations have to be driven by popular protest and well thought out plans-of-action ( poa ) . You cannot do without either. and i am just echoing some thoughts on these lines :

1. We are seeing lots of protests all over the country , by different groups . All of us need to be united under one banner . This will multiply our might manifold , and also increase our support base.
2. We need to be well coordinated under this one banner. We should be in constant touch with each other across the country , coordinate our actions .
3. There needs to be coordination committees at both cities and national level . These committees can decide on course of action ,formulate demands ,carry out negotiations and lots more . They have to be the face of the agitation.
4.People should also know that there is this coordination committee , because even if there is one now it is not well known. People should know their agitation is going somewhere , even if only from our side .
5. The protest plans should be spread far and wide , so that everybody knows about them in whichever city they are , and can join in .
6. Guys , our demands are really not getting out . Not too many people know what our demands are , what we are protesting for . We need to put these out in the form of a press release ASAP. The coordination commitee can then track these demands by negotiations .
6. a) We have to show that we are not against reservations totally . Let there be reservations but implement them in such a manner that their objective is achieved , of providing equality in society .
b) We have to show this is not a protest by students , but by indians . A lt more of the sections in society have to be brought into it. We need appeals for the same . Try newspaper ads , theyre really effective .
c) Renowned people have to be brought into the protest. There is an edit in todays Hindustant Times by an ex director of NCERT in our support . We need to show more poeple like him understand what we are talking about , we need to project this big time .
7. I have spoken about coordination commitees , but let that not mean they are our leaders . Everyone in the protest has to be a leader , believe in the cause and do his best in his way .
8. We have to keep this going . If tomorrow the govt calls for negotiations , then we dont have to forget about it and leave a certain set of students to negotiate . That would be the time to keep everybody in the loop with the situation , keep everybody fired and interested . And the time to build those systems of contact is right now .

Summarizing , what we need right now is :
1. Nation wide and city level coordination committees
2. Systems for information dissemination ( emailing groups , orkut etc )
3. Urgent information to be released : set of demands , emails , contact nos of people . A newspaper AD would be a good way to go to let the people know all the stuff in one consolidated way .

I just wished to bring these points to the notice of those right there in front who can take these decisions the quickest, so that we can have a ROCK SOLID protest!

this is a protest not by students , but INDIANS...Go india!

At 12:29 AM, Anonymous rajeev chawla said...

I, Rajeev chawla, am a qualified Engineer from Thapar Institute of technology, Patiala 1979-1983 batch.
I would like to extend my whole hearted support for Anti-Reservation moment.
I would like to thank Mr Shiv Khera, for his guidance and support to this deserving and long awaited unfulfilled cause.
Here , I would like to share my own experience with the parents of children and those who are now students and have a great career to carve but for this reservation.
I passed my 10 + 2 exams with 80% marks in 1979 from CBSE . I was one of the candidiate for Punjab Engineering College, Chandigarh.I was offered a minor branch and I felt disgusted and humiliated when it was announced on P.A.System that if any S.C. or B.C. Student having just 45 % marks can join Electronics branch which was the haghest ranking engineering stream available.
It is a shame that the boy who could just pass the 10+2 exams was offered electronics branch and the boy who was having 80% marks was denied the course because he was not an s.c or b.c.
I would like to call all the parents of students who are now studying in 10th, 11th or 12th should come forward and contribute to this noble cause as it concerns each and every one of US.



At 12:38 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can we start contributing money , to give momentum and also show our solidarity.

At 1:59 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i agree wid '4india'.

1.instead of puttin money in increasing d already broke infrastructure these idiots should put up institutes EXCLUSIVELY 4 d reserved class,n c what happens,instead of touching our shrines like IITs n AIIMS.

2.but IF this bill be passed,my friends,defy d govt. in all ways u can...could start by not PAYING UR TAXES(if u r a minor urgin ur parents nt to),cuz as it is d money goes to d undeservin politicians creamy layer,n we kp makin em rich

At 2:15 AM, Blogger eshna said...

Heads high for our doctors who are protesting against the reservation issue with such dedication.

Its really a relief that our youth and the general public has not surrendered to the wimps and fancies of those cruel butchers who are ready to slice out our nation on caste basis.


I extend my full support for those who are fighting for the whole nation without complaining.Their hunger strike will not go waste.We will not surrender and it is now or never.

Now its time for the Govt. to understand that they can't win and that they will have to do something quickly.

At 2:44 AM, Anonymous Rakhi said...

Do whatever is within your means......infact try and do more than what you can do.........!!!

1. MOtivate yourself to do something for the country by actually going to the grounds where anti-quota struggle is going sure the condition of the students will shake your inner spirit and will bring out the nationalist within you.

2.Join the mass marches happening in different states against anti-quota........try and take as many people as possible....( your qualities as a leader will count here)if not your individual count will also make a lot of difference.

3.Distribute anti-quota brochures to common people telling them to be a part in this struggle against the can draft these brochures yourself or can get a copy from the Youthforequality members.

4. Wear a black band on your arm showing that you are in support of anti-reservation.

5. Write mails to the editors of different newspapers,magazines, TV channels.

6. Participate in the various ongoing TV channels /website polls

7. Forward the SMS and mails that you recieve in favour of anti-reservation to as many people as possible.

8. Popularize this bolg ( posting your comments here and telling about it to all your friends and realtives.

9. Write letters to PM and President on this issue.

10. Swear by God that what may happen you will vote in the next elections and will ensure that Congress is wiped out from our countrys political party list.


Students, youth, professionals, organisations, call centres, Institutes, colleges, universities, associations, Individuals, ALL OF YOU, to join the struggle against this "DIVIDE AND RULE VOTE BANK POLITICS"

At 2:56 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

rather than writing on this blog....

I urge u fella's to come out on the roads with atleast 4-5 friends of yours... and join the protest march...

I feel so miserable that being in UK, I cant do much..

Just read on a website that just a 1000 students r in the YFE rally in Delhi today...

Looking at the no of comments n emails I'v received in past few days, I thought it wud be a 50,000 people rally.

But dont give up, THE WAR HAS JUST BEGUN.

Get all OBC, poor people on ur side citing how creamy layer is taking away their due rights n cite economic criteria's for reservations...


At 3:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


At 3:05 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

why does Arjun Singh not start at home....(since,charity begins at home)
1.reserve 50% seats for women in the parliament.
2.his so called compassion for obc should extend to lok sabha ,rajya sabha and legislative assemblies of the states!!
3.the benefits of reservation are being enjoyed by the CREAMY LAYER generation after generation!!!
4.only the 0.1% of the dalits ,who are actually "crorepatis",are availing the reservation and the deserving students are suffering because of this.
24.9%of sc/st and 26.9% of obcs are earning less than 2 lacs pa.
every family earning more than 2 lacs pa should be OUT OF THE CATEGORY to benefit the poorest among the poor dalits and obcs.
....................................................JAI HIND!!!

At 3:10 AM, Anonymous NARENDER GOEL said...

arjun singh: the ghost of


At 3:21 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

the 0.1% elite,millionaire so called dalits,
who travel in big cars,go to best public schools,flaunt latest gadgets ,FLUNK tests,have designer clothes,big bunglows,HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH THE 24.9% POOR DALITS,have no social or matrimonial relations with the poor..........but Arjun Singh will dance to the tunes of these 0.1%
Kyunki yeh vote ka maamla hai....Let the country rot!!!

At 3:28 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hello all,
i gt to know abt ths site only 2day.. and by then the protest march from delhi, my area had already proceeded. i strongly feel against reservations based on caste creed or religion. even though i m not a bjp sympathiser, still i cannot forget that in andhra pradesh the congress tried to bring in reservaions for muslims...and we tag only the bjp as communal.!!! all the parties in india are the same and all thrive on creating diviosions in our society. my dear educated friends, its high time we wake up and do something abt the social and political garbage that has piled up around us. I m not against the lower castes, but i feel that all indians are 1 nation and there should be a level playing field for every1.
its heartening to see that we are coming out in scores to support a just cause, but more support is required..we all nmeed to go out there and add our voices to the big shout against reservations and the dirty politics that is being played...we have a responsibility friends, a bigger responsibility as we are the educated youth of india, if we dont shoulder the responsibility, then who will???
we have to clean our own mess friends.. we cannot live oblivious of the stink.
if there is anytrhing i can do abt ths i will do...
the main issue is that many like me want to participate but dont knw who to contact.

At 3:29 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

We all support this rightful cause. We pray to give you more strength and courage for this non-violent protest.

We are not Hindu, Muslim, Christian, Sikh or SC, ST or OBC. We belong to one race i.e. Humanbeing and we belong to one community i.e. Indian.

We will succeed.

It is high time Indian Politics needs a change. It is high time Youth (Yuva)of India has to enter Politics.

Let us give the Indian Politics a new face, a face of Equality, a face of Unity and Strenght. Lets us paint it with new colour, the colour of Yuva.

Arise,Awake Yuva of India and Lets us not stop till we have achieved the goal.

Vande Mataram
Jai Hind

At 3:46 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...



Right to Equality
14 Equality before law.

Prohibition of discrimination on grounds of religion, race, caste, sex or place of birth.

16 Equality of opportunity in matters of public employment.
17 Abolition of Untouchability.
18 Abolition of titles.


State to secure a social order for the promotion of welfare of the people.
Certain principles of policy to be followed by the State.
Equal justice and free legal aid.
Organisation of village panchayats.
Right to work, to education and to public assistance in certain cases.
Provision for just and humane conditions of work and maternity relief.
Living wage, etc., for workers.
Participation of workers in management of industries.
Uniform civil code for the citizens.
Provision for free and compulsory education for children.

Promotion of educational and economic interests of Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes and other weaker sections.

Duty of the State to raise the level of nutrition and the standard of living and to improve public health.



At 3:54 AM, Blogger kutuhalata said...

dear all
i want say to you guys and the younsters out there. i share this agony and pain with you. its a shame we have a bunchof such insensitive and ridiculous people as our so called representatives. i mean if their ego is bigger than our pain then i pity you politicians. shame on you. my complete support to this endeavour and my care and empathy to all you people in pain.

At 4:06 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...



read on

Rajasthan Governor Pratibha Patil has returned a bill passed by the state assembly seeking a ban on religious conversion, saying its provisions would affect the citizens' right to freedom of religion.


At 4:11 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


Jana Gana Mana...


At 4:14 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...





any bets !!

At 4:23 AM, Blogger Ravi said...

I am with you all in this. And more importantly I have totally lost faith in your PM whom I once admired. The citizens of India do deserve to hear the PMs view, in which ever side he's on.

Once again affirmative action has proved to be a very controverial subject. And it's high time the youth of India took strong interest in Politcs and do away with thier "chaltha hai" attitudes. And the media's response has been great but conclusive documentaries need to made and aired dealing with resevation chronological since conception. Perhaps similar to the way Farenheit 9/11 was made.

If there is one thing that's going to make India loose it's edge it is the new quota system. This will have high impact on India future growth.

And to those who support the seats for OBC, I have only one question. How do you/would you feel if a girl (whom our culture has also deprived them of thier very own live's through "Sati" practices and various other things I need not mention) is chosen over you? In other words girls do not need a quota, but you do? Just a thought.

The quetions are too many, and it should be strongly reviewed. I may be wrong, I would readily admit so if prooved so.

At 4:42 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

you know they have managed to stall the Women's reservation bill in parliament on the pretext that there has to be a further caste division within upper caste women and lower caste women.. UPA has not tabled it for the past two years. shameful.. By the way our history looks at the the women who commited sati en masse in Chittaur with utmost reverence. Sacrifice, character and bravery...and now we have these men of straws...

At 4:58 AM, Blogger sandeep said...

I am a businessman could lend my monitory support whatever way you want and for sure if somebody contact me i would be able to gather atleast 1000 people of my locality...and as i run a stationery manufacturing unit could help you by giving you some stuff required....for your cause I am right there to support just let me know how could i help to mobilise ppl i am there to gather monitory funds for you guys no big deal....because i know several students studying from 2-3 years to get a seat in a medico or engg college n now they would cry by not getting seats and i want my kids to be doc or engg too where would they go if god forbidden i dont have money tommrw???hey anonymous there were around 3-4000 people in todays rally my friends were there ....guys get in touch i m sure my experince in PR feild and experince to mobilise people and money would help you with great deal....and in end PLEASE FOR GOD SAKE DONT GET FRUSTRATED AND BOGGED DOWN>>>the fight has just began it would take time but we need to go ahead...I suggest ribbon and sticker agitation across the each and every car because everybody cant march ........reply?

At 5:01 AM, Blogger sandeep said...

I was just reading messages on this site...well i am ashamed of our respectable PM manmohan singh...he hasnt taken a step or given any statement he is a puppet i guess....whatever might be the result of this reservation one thing is for sure this government doesnt stand a chance to come to power again....they are worse then any religious party as they are playing card of DIVIDE AND RULE.....this government simply sucks

At 5:08 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello All,

U guys are doing a goood Job... and I am with u all... i think our politics needs a change and this politician needs some kick..

forget that.... as we guys are united... we need to think the other way round...

we need to think like politics...

our voice is heard by millions... and also all over the world...

but we need to use cyber media and Electronic Media.... to its fullest...

we need to conduct press conference... and shoot questions and ask Media to get the answer...

Politicians now htat they will come up with some stupid plan and ask us to settle down with something..

we might agree and as time passes by the media will forget this and get into some other news..

REmmeber Bhagat singh .. he used media to raise his concern...

we need to do that... if you guys agree... any one of the doctors or IIM or IIT guy can think how the media can be used...

press conferenes... press release...

e mails....

explain our parents what this Government is doing..

Using media we need to tel lthe government that we can make new government if the youth is united..

they are not scared of us...

to make them feel scared... we need to shoot qustions to Oppossition and ask resignation of Arjun SIngh...

we need to take care that OBC and SC and ST are not troubled ...

they get their space and the creamy layer dont exploit the poor and the destitute...

I a mbein part of it by spreading the news in my society and through mails nad explaining elders what the fight is all about...

I might not be that clear.... or thast open minded..

but i think we need a CHANGE!!!!


At 5:15 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sandeep, I am sure we should start pooling in money.
One possibility is contributions in the quantas of 1, 10,and 100 rs or usd. just maintain a log on the net..
And take on the media.
Just in case we donot get a response from the docs. we should go and put our contributions on the table where they are fasting.

At 5:16 AM, Blogger sandeep said...

lets start a sms campaign provide a slogan to forward as i am week in making slogans;) do it today a good sms carrying small but brief message

At 5:20 AM, Blogger sandeep said...

well i am ready i would get you guys a online transaction thing too as i am a forealumni and in corporate world we have great repport alot of big companies and executives would support lets get started we need to help these kids we could take it forward to help them by meeting once a week would also do all who support lets get started ....leave contact details...monitorly we can start n a candle protest in every streat of delhi would follow in coming month for sure....reply guys comeon repluy

At 5:42 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

saandeep, send the message that a Grand Blood Tranfusion camp is on at AIIMS. Some fresh blood is being infused in INdia.

At 5:45 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The problem with these good for nothing politicians is that they aren't helping the OBC's either. The basic help they can give the backward classes is give them primary & secondary education. They don't want to do this as then they will question them on thier election promises. By screwing merit (they care two hoots) and announcing 5000 seats will not uplift the communities just divide them

At 6:05 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Arjun Singh's father was a deputy minister in Govt. of India, when Nehru was PM. He was caught taking a bribe of Rs20000/- & was put in jail. He died, while still in jail.

At 6:07 AM, Blogger lucifer said...


THIS IS WAR........!!!!


At 7:03 AM, Anonymous dr. harveen kaur sekhon said...

hi all,
im an intern at dasmesh institute of research and dental sciences , faridkot. we along with government medical college , faridkot took out a silent protest at faridkot.
we are with all the docs protesting against reservation!!!!!!!!!!

At 7:08 AM, Blogger 4india said...

"GoM submits report, docs soften stand"
Will it be correct to soften stand now ? YFE should insist for 'status quo' untill new institutes come up exclusively for 'QUOTA' students.

At 7:12 AM, Anonymous Noopur said...

Hindustan Times (May20,Sunday) reports that the ongong hunger strike at AIIMS is a relay Hunger strike(Page 2). I am writing a letter to the editor for clearing the misconception and blissful ignorance. but these letters are edited before being printed.So I suggest that at least 10 of us write the same thing to them so atleast one letter is printed and they don't repeat this mistake(which I think is a delibrate attempt to misguide)


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