Sunday, June 11, 2006

new website


At 8:40 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

this is shit how can bangalore and hyderabad do this

At 8:44 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

its improper

At 9:52 PM, Blogger lucifer said...

wat happened......!!!!

At 10:41 PM, Blogger neeti said...

my heartyies congratulations!
please now ull start blaming fbi..why dont u admit that the pro-reservation people outsmarted u guys,their hate was bigger than your dedication

At 3:10 AM, Blogger Vijay said...

Could somebody do a simple research to find out the truth about the effectiveness of present quota policy.

How many docs in AIMS or other medical and Engneering colleges or how many IASs have come from really poor Dalits and OBC parents. Those who have been benefitted from Quota what is their parantage.

One needs a clear proof that the present policy is only helping the highest among the Dalits and OBCs.

At 10:56 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

ms or mr neeti talks about congratulations to some disruptive people and brings in fbi and also asks for admission of the "crime" of being outsmarted. This is not a fictional story, my dear lady/shreeyut neeti. Pl try to understand the seriousness of the issue. There are many people like me who do want reservations on economic grounds only.

At 11:37 PM, Blogger True Indian said...

Hey! what this fuss is all about im confused however getting that it is something serious.
Dear Anonymous just explain me i know u r serious guy and very concerned abt the issue plz do tell me the exact thing may be on mu blog. U know the blog adress
True Indian

At 1:09 AM, Blogger mineguruji said...

reservations are to be given only on the basis of caste, not economics. Well, if the reservations are given on the basis of economic criteria, the sons of all banias will become legible because they dont pay tax, but earn millions, lol.

At 1:30 AM, Blogger mineguruji said...

Hey neeti
The reservation and quota policy is also the handiwork of ISI, the pak agency. LOL

At 2:04 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

mr mineguruji - economic criteria does not mean only income tax returns and please do not insult the community of banias with your words; it is because of the entrepreneurs and traders from this community who have helped achieve whatever progress our Country has made.

At 2:34 AM, Blogger True Indian said...

Absolutely True Anonymous,

But, i dont think these people will undersatnd. U know the half knowledge is more dengerous than no knowledge. This what the case with some people. SOmetimes they know the things but dont try to accept. Well my advise is just one time think and introspect. I hope u people will understand.
Jai Hind

At 10:35 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The website hasnt been hacked. It was a creation of people in bangalore who had transferred he control to delhi for the purpose of updation of stuff while the movement was on. Now that people in bangalore decided to organize the National Co-ordination Committee meeting in delhi and invited all states of the nation to come and chalk out the further strategy in this fight, they asked for the website's login and password (which actually was bought and created by them only). Guyz in delhi bluntly refused and a few days later posted very offensive content on the wrbsite. It was then decided to transfer the control of website to hyderabad guyz who had formed a committed team of individuals and were responsible enough. Actully any website has 2 login and passwords: one for DNS, which is actually the space on web/internet on which the website resides and this DNS has a location and second for the website itself through which one uploads stuff and all that on the website. Delhi people (that too just a few... rest have been phenomenal people), technically ignorant thought that now that they had the control they could do anything to the extent of misusing the website too by posting offensive stuff, forgot that DNS login and password was always with the bangalore guyz. Bangalore guyz frustrated by their sick attitude and continuous harassment decided to change the location of DNS space, which meant that existing website became useless since it lost its space only on the web and requested hyderabad people to create a new one with the same look and feel. This is the case. A group of individuals in delhi claimed that the website has been "hacked" which isnt the case... merely that the control has been transferred to YFE Hyderabad... Its still the official website of Youth for Equality and people will find useful information on it!

At 11:05 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This wont happen with Youth for Equality. It will be properly organized after the NCC meet to be held in Bangalore. U r right.. many laloos and mulayam's emerged in delhi after this movement!

At 12:29 AM, Blogger mineguruji said...

Merits of Mandal report

In view of the confusion created by Mandal II, the Supreme Court has asked the government to clarify two things: One, what is the basis for determining who belongs to an OBC category; and two, the rationale behind 27 per cent reservation for OBCs. These two points need to be immediately cleared.

OBCs belong to the shudra category in the caste classification. Several people confuse shudras with Dalits (earlier known as untouchables). OBCs were supposed to be people who lived by their physical labour.

Though not treated as untouchables, they formed the largest segment of low castes and suffered from all sorts of social disabilities. That is why they qualify to be categorised as socially and educationally backward, and thus entitled to affirmative action under the Constitution.

As to their identification, the Mandal Commission undertook the biggest social survey ever attempted in this country. To begin with, an experts' panel under the chairmanship of eminent sociologist M N Srinivas and 14 other social scientists was formed to devise schedules for identification of OBCs.

Simultaneously, Delhi University held a seminar for a thorough discussion of the terms of reference of the commission. After several meetings, the experts' panel prepared four comprehensive schedules, two each for rural and urban areas.

All the state governments were sent these schedules for conducting the survey. Two villages and one urban block were selected at random in each and every district of the country, and all the residents of these areas were covered by the survey.

Questionnaires were also sent to all the states and 30 ministries of the central government, and notices published in national dailies and regional papers inviting public response.

The data thus collected was passed on to the National Informatics Centre, which analysed the information contained in the four pre-coded schedules.

The results of this analysis were used by the experts' panel, which derived 11 indicators of social, educational and economic backwardness. It was by the application of these indicators that OBCs were identified.

As to the number of OBCs and their percentage, government had stopped collecting caste-wise enumeration of population after the 1931 census.

Consequently, the population of various OBCs identified by the commission were culled from this census, and extrapola-ted on the basis of population growth trends over this period.

That is how the percentage of OBCs was arrived at, and it worked out to 52 per cent. When the 11 indicators were applied to identify OBCs, 44 per cent happened to be Hindus and 8 per cent were from other religions.

That shows how authentic the indicators were as it picked up a fair number of non-Hindus who were socially and educationally backward.

Some commentators have pointed out that the National Sample Survey Organisation's investigations show that OBCs constitute 32 per cent of the population, and National Family Health Survey places the figure at 30 per cent.

These two surveys cannot match the span and depth of Mandal Commission's investigations, and its findings can be revised only if an exercise of the same magnitude is attempted.

It has also been pointed out that 25-50 per cent of the reserved seats remain vacant for lack of qualified OBC candidates, resulting in a colossal waste of resources. This is true, but it is the result of sloppy and unplanned implementation.

The commission had laid great emphasis on creating suitable infrastructure in institutions to enable OBC candidates to derive full advantage from reservation. This required adequate planning and financial commitment. But as in 1990, the issue is again at present being treated purely as a vote-getting ploy.

The government is now dangling the carrot of proportionately increased seats in professional institutions to obviate any shrinkage in the 'merit' quota, as if the additional infrastructure can be created by waving a magic wand.

The current turmoil could have been averted if educationists had been taken into confidence, a sober assessment made of available capacities and a phased scheme of implementation prepared for a smooth transition.

The writer is a former bureaucrat. He was secretary, Mandal Commission.

At 2:11 AM, Anonymous RAHUL said...


At 5:28 AM, Blogger neeti said...

sorry guys dnt get angry..i was angry cause i saw d bad shape d website was in and ppl used to request evryday for ppl to controll spamming on d site n nothing happnd. n if ppl see what has happ to d wwebsite ..they'll start expecting d same to happn to yfe..hence the ire

At 2:04 AM, Blogger mineguruji said...

The credo of “jiski jitni sankhya bhaari, uski
utni bhagidari” resonates much more with European
political philosophy than with the American
philosophy. In Europe they have come to accept rights
of groups. When people talk of rights, right to
equality is the first thing that has to be granted. As
such, groups in Europe have equitable power sharing
arrangement, meaningful implementation of which
necessarily requires tacit approval of quota system.
This is more obvious in multilingual societies like
Switzerland and Belgium than in other countries that
are monolingual ones. On the other hand, in America,
at the height of their civil rights movement, when
they reluctantly had to concede equal opportunities to
their discriminated minorities, they did so under the
fuzzy name of “affirmative action”, with categorical
rejection of quotas. On account of categorical
rejection of quota system in America, we must be
careful in the use of terms like “affirmative action”
and “diversity”. These are fuzzy terms that have been
especially given currency in order to avoid the use of
quotas. That is the reason why I have seen in the
Economic Times and other newspapers some of the Indian
industrialists or their spokespersons stating “YES to
affirmative action” but an emphatic “NO to quotas”.
When the government happens to be a bit more liberal,
affirmative action may signify quota or close to
quota. On the other hand, when the government is a
conservative type, “affirmative action” and
“diversity” would mean pretty much nothing. In the
USA, affirmative action has come almost to naught.
Their diversity, in most cases consists mostly of
having a few Chinese, Indians, African Americans and
some others that look different from white. The most
deprived ones (African Americans and Spanish speaking
persons of Latin American origin) hardly get their
share of the pie. The US system has a lot to be
desired. Europe, specifically, Switzerland, is a much
better model for us to emulate than the USA. We will
talk more about the Swiss system of power-sharing in a
bit greater detail towards the end of this write up.

6. The only thing for which we can cite the example
of the USA is their use of affirmative action in the
private sector right from the beginning of enactment
of civil rights acts. They never thought the private
sector would be outside the purview of affirmative
action. On the other hand, somehow in India, people
were given the impression that private industries were
personal property of its owners and that they have to
be free in hiring and firing of their employees; that
they cannot be subjected to any kind of quota system
among their employees. Personally, I think tax
incentive is the best way of inducing the private
sector to adopt quota system. A detailed plan as to
how tax incentive can be used to make quota system
enforceable as well as palatable would be a subject
matter of a separate post.

7. Let me give a couple of more arguments in favor of
reservation system. This is because the more we are
convinced about a cause, the harder we are likely to
work for the cause. Further, in our everyday life in
arguments with our adversaries, we should be able to
strengthen our arguments from as many points of view
as possible.

7a. Making a devil’s argument, suppose there is an
identifiable group of people that happens to possess
super-intelligence. Would such a situation make it
acceptable for us to have a royal class of
super-intelligent group controlling all power? How
would such a system be different from colonialism?
Would such a system be any different from the system
envisioned by our own great rishi by the name of Manu?
If reliance on purely so-called merit-tests results in
filling all positions of power by individuals from
“super-intelligent” group alone, making them “royal
group”, and effective colonial masters, would that,
and should that, be acceptable to the majority? If the
British had so arranged that Indians would have found
it difficult to have higher education, would they have
been justified in continuing to rule our country for
perpetuity, on the basis of their performance in some
sort of merit-test? If master-slave relationship among
groups of people, i.e., colonial relationship, is not
an acceptable way of life, what is the remedy? Would
the royal class have any interest or incentive in
improving the slave-like condition of the rest of our
society? Particularly, if the super-intelligent group
happens to be in minority, would they have any stake
in any kind of democracy? Or would they reject
democracy as a politics of vote-bank?

7b. Another justification for reservation lies in
“reparation” concept. None will deny the fact that the
upper castes have oppressed the lower ones for ages
and kept them in state of serfdom and deprivation.
That calls for “reparation” for the wrongs done to the
lower castes. During the Second World War Japanese
Americans were incarcerated by the American
Government. They were later given compensation for
harm done to them. Many of the survivors of Hitler’s
holocaust were compensated by the companies that aided
Hitler. Likewise lower castes have to be compensated
for the wrongs done to them by the upper castes. What
would be the right compensation? Well, had it not been
for the oppression from the upper castes, there would
have been parity between the lower and upper castes,
in all regards, including educational and economic
situations. Therefore, all that can be done to bring
about the said parity as soon as possible (in no more
than one generation) must be done.

7c. Some upper caste individuals may claim that they
should not be penalized for wrongs done by their
fore-fathers. However, stolen goods have to be taken
away and given back to the original owners or their
progeny even if the goods were stolen by ancestors of
the current owners. Power and privileges currently
enjoyed by the upper castes, in excess of their dues
share, are nothing but goods stolen and passed on by
their ancestors. All or part of the same must be
restored back to the victims’ progenies. As for
considering it to be punitive, if we advocated
assigning a number of seats disproportionately smaller
than proportion of the upper caste in the population,
it could have been considered to be punitive.
Assigning a number of seats in proportion to their
population is nothing but just the right amount of
power they would have had, had there been no
exploitations in the past; it cannot be considered to
be punitive by any stretch of imagination. The excess
goods (disproportionate power and privilege) passed on
to the upper castes by their ancestors must be taken
away (just as any stolen goods should be taken away
from its current possessors) and distributed among the
dispossessed towards establishment of an equalitarian

8. Finally, let me point out that an equalitarian
society is not a figment of imagination. It exists in
Switzerland, Belgium and the Nordic countries in
Europe. However, being a multi-lingual country, it is
most obvious in Switzerland. Here is what Wolf Linder
(in his book, “Swiss Democracy: Possible Solutions to
Conflict in Multicultural Societies,” St. Martin’s
Press, 1994, p-xv-xvi,) says: “Switzerland provides a
model example (for a multi-cultural society) because
of its enduring will to constitute an independent
political nation based on the mutual respect of its
minorities. It provides a model for finding political
institutions and patterns of behavior that enable
peaceful conflict-resolution in a multi-cultural

Linder further says, “Power-sharing, proportional
representation of different segments of the society,
not only in the government, but also in various
economic, social and cultural organizations of the
Swiss society appears to have become Swiss way of
life. … It is practiced in the organization of the
economy, in social life and even in sports. This is
true at least for linguistic proportional rule. As
Jurg Steiner (1990) writes: ‘It is unimaginable that
the executive committee of the Swiss Soccer
Association would consist of German-speakers only’.”

At 8:16 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

quota cute cartoons
click on this link...its really awesome!!

At 8:31 AM, Blogger mineguruji said...

Hi anonymous how are you mate. Hope your website problem is settled.

At 10:01 AM, Anonymous GITMOT said...

hi guys i finally found you out !!!
wassup !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
any news of the Bangalore get together ?

At 10:06 AM, Anonymous yfe mumbai said...

Human Chain at Vashi
A human chain protest has been scheduled for June 17 at Vashi, which will stretch from Centre One to Raghuleela. The starting time is 4 p.m. This will be a silent protest without any slogan shouting.

Since the Supreme Court has issued strict orders as regards protests against reservation, we must remember that we have to disperse the moment the cops ask us to, in order to prevent any untoward incidents.

Looking forward to your participation,
YFE Mumbai.

At 10:07 AM, Anonymous yfe mumbai said...

Human Chain at Vashi
A human chain protest has been scheduled for June 17 at Vashi, which will stretch from Centre One to Raghuleela. The starting time is 4 p.m. This will be a silent protest without any slogan shouting.

Since the Supreme Court has issued strict orders as regards protests against reservation, we must remember that we have to disperse the moment the cops ask us to, in order to prevent any untoward incidents.

Looking forward to your participation,
YFE Mumbai.

At 3:08 AM, Blogger schoolkids said...


At 1:12 PM, Anonymous GITMOT said...

it is such a shame that we have taken heed of the SCs directive and suspended our protests ,while our 'esteemed' and 'learned' (HAH !!) health minister continues to instigate us and take actions against those who he considers his enemies . isnt this against the SCs directive too ? doesnt the SCs order apply to them ( the govt. ) too ? or are we just going to let them beat us after tying our hands behind our backs ??? .
how long can the aiims guys keep themselves gagged with the SC order ?? there has to be a limit to their capacity to listen to his tirades !! how much longer can the AIIMS guys turn the other cheek !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

At 11:19 AM, Anonymous GITMOT said...

what news of the meeting in Bangalore ????????

At 11:27 AM, Anonymous GITMOT said...


Human Chain in Mumbai
Date: June 17, 2006, 4:00 pm

Date: June 18, 2006, 8:00 am

Rock Concert against Reservation in Mumbai
Date: June 18, 2006, 6:30 pm

At 11:47 AM, Anonymous GITMOT said...

Mandal's True Inheritors
(Source -----,curpg-2.cms)

"why did L R Naik, the only Dalit member in the Mandal Commission, refuse to sign the Mandal recommendations?"

A quarter of a century has passed since the Mandal report was submitted to the president on December 30, 1980. Since then, tonnes of newsprint and plenty of air time have been consumed debating Mandal.

But rarely do we confront a basic question - why did L R Naik, the only Dalit member in the Mandal Commission, refuse to sign the Mandal recommendations?

While submitting his report, chairman of the commission B P Mandal wrote to the president on why the commission could not arrive at a consensus, and referred to L R Naik's note of dissent.

That letter forms the inaugural part of the report. How could V P Singh ignore the very first page of the report, which refers to Naik and his note of dissent, while posing as a crusader for social justice?

During the Mandal controversy, the Congress only mildly opposed the report, saying it was not properly debated.

Its think tank knew of Naik's thesis, but didn't raise it openly. Clearly, V P Singh and Congress had similar political compulsions.

Fifteen years have passed since Mandal was implemented in August 1990, but neither the Left and nor the Bharatiya Janata Party talk of Naik's thesis.

Cutting across party lines, all are afraid of discussing his observations. Naik said that OBCs were made up of two large social blocks - landowning OBCs whom he describes as intermediate backward classes, and artisan OBCs whom he describes as depressed backward classes.

According to Naik, intermediate backward classes or upper OBCs (Yadavas, Kurmis, Jats, among others) are relatively powerful, while depressed backward classes, or most backward classes (MBCs), remain economically marginalised.

He argued for splitting the Mandal quota into two in order to safeguard interests of MBCs, as he feared that upper OBCs would monopolise Mandal jobs.

Naik said this 25 years back when the nation did not know of Mulayam Singh Yadav, Lalu Prasad Yadav or Nitish Kumar.

Today, most states are ruled by upper OBCs, who have evolved into lords of the countryside. People have a fair idea of upper OBC affluence and political power.

But who are MBCs and where are they situated in the caste hierarchy? Of this, people are less aware. As traditional service and artisan castes, MBCs are spread all over India.

In fact, there can rarely be a village without MBC castes. With the introduction of modern farm equipment, blacksmiths have become irrelevant.

Modern kitchenware did the same to potters. Has anyone seen palanquins in contemporary India? Only a century back, several hundred thousand people belonging to a caste called Kanhar shouldered this human-powered transport.

What happened to them? What happened to Noniyas, the traditional earth movers? Has anyone seen traditional oil-pressing tools in recent times? With motorised oil presses, the bullock driven tool has disappeared.

Hundreds of such professions disappeared with the arrival of machines and modernity. What happened to the people involved in those professions?

Traditional artisan and service provider castes called MBCs form more than 50 per cent of the OBC population. With the disappearance of their trades, most of them turned agricultural labourers.

In most indices of development, they often fare worse than Dalits. Since they are spread all over India, and divided into so many smaller caste groups, they do not become electorally decisive in any assembly or parliamentary constituency.

MBCs have neither political leadership nor any lobby in business or the intellectual world. Unlike MBCs, upper OBCs are traditional peasant castes, who have now turned into landowning castes. They control most of the countryside's wealth and institutions.

As masters in booth management, upper OBCs control politics at the grass roots, which is reflected in the composition of state assemblies and Parliament.

OBCs invest least in education of their children and block their money in immovable assets. They need a social movement, not reservations.

Naik advocated the cause of voiceless MBCs a quarter century ago and demanded splitting of Mandal quota into two to safeguard their interests.

In 2006, justice demands that upper OBCs be expelled from the Mandal list, as MBCs are the truest inheritors of Mandal quotas.

V P Singh refused to buy Naik's thesis because his eyes were on the powerful upper OBC vote bank. He spoke of social justice but quashed hopes of MBCs.

The intelligentsia, which harps on social justice, too stood with upper OBCs, leaving MBCs to their fate. Fifteen years after V P Singh's assault on social justice, the Congress-led UPA government is going down the same path.

Congress seems to have decided to be the upper OBC party of India. Or else, upper OBCs have blackmailed the UPA government.

It is time that the nation got together to redefine the very meaning of social justice. How can the country treat MBCs as social orphans just because they are not a political force?

The anti-Mandal lobby gained in legitimacy simply because Mandal went the wrong way. It is in that sense that Mandal hurts even Dalits.

Much of the anti-Mandal steam will evaporate once Mandal is handed over to MBCs - its truest inheritors. The writer is an ideologue on Dalit issues.

At 11:03 PM, Blogger Maharashtra Medicos said...

Y4E blogsites were started from all cities in India for last 3 months.But I have found that no new posts are being posted on many of them.
I request all of them to keep writing on your blogs.Makr that a platfrom to bind together all medicos in your state.All the best.

At 11:36 AM, Anonymous GITMOT said...


BANGALORE: "Quotas should be class based, not caste based". Strong words of solidarity with the Youth for Equality against the reservation in educational institutions from author and orator Shiv Khera.

He was addressing representatives from 18 states, students and AOL followers at a meeting held at the Art of Living ashram on Sunday.

Khera said OBC as a category was created by the politicians. "I've heard there's a move for More Backward Class (MBC) category now.

Soon we'll want an MMBC." According to Khera, there should be compulsory quality education for all at the school level and no quotas from the graduation level onwards. He also suggested that India have one standard board of education.

"Two per cent cess is paid on education for the last two years. That's about Rs 7,000 crore a year. How many schools have been set up with that money?" asked an outraged Khera.

"People have forgotten the class system, but politicians keep reminding them of it. "The Youth for Equality also held a private meeting with corporates on Sunday, where the companies agreed to join hands with the students to avoid reservations being imposed on jobs in the private sector.

However, companies refused to divulge their identity for fear of invoking political ire. Around 57 representatives had a national co-ordination committee meeting to discuss atrocities against students in IIT Kanpur.

They also agreed that protests must be held as per a co-ordinated channelised strategy, to keep their cause going. "We have not forgotten our motto and we will not give up," a spokesperson from the Youth for Equality said.

At 11:48 AM, Anonymous GITMOT said...

Congress committed to OBC quota, says APCC chief !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Special Correspondent


Says stir on the issue in northern States reflects degeneration in politics

WHAT'S UP: APCC president K. Keshava Rao with BJP leader Bandaru Dattatreya at an all-party meeting on OBC reservation in Hyderabad on Sunday. — Photo: Mohd. Yousuf

HYDERABAD: Andhra Pradesh Congress Committee president K. Keshava Rao has said that the recent anti-reservation stir in northern States reflects the degeneration in politics as the agitation targeted a Constitutional amendment by Parliament.

"How credible is such politics of upper castes?" he asked at a meeting organised by State BC Welfare Association here on Sunday.

Mr. Keshava Rao said that those opposing reservations expressed their anger in a manner that everything was over for the country by the 27 per cent quota for OBCs.

They made a hollow claim that merit was a casualty in the process. Merit could be judged only after students underwent courses. They should be evaluated on an even keel to know their worth, he said, adding that merit had no meaning before students joined a course.

`Increase seats'

The APCC chief maintained that Congress was committed to implementing the quota for OBCs.

The Government could increase seats for other castes to make up for their shortage owing to the implementation of the quota but the rule of reservation should be followed for the hiked seats as well.

BJP Secretary B. Dattatreya said that BCs could not expect justice unless they got political reservations. Association president R. Krishnaiah also spoke.


At 11:54 AM, Anonymous GITMOT said...

August 15, 2006 -- Freedom From Reservation Rule !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Its now or never ....
August 15, 1947 -- Freedom From British Rule
August 15, 2006 -- Freedom From Reservation Rule

Biggest Event in INDIAN HISTORY since INDEPENDENCE ..... be there

Visit :

Orkut : and join us ..... Jai Hind

Lets Join Our Hands to make World's Longest Human Chain .....

At 2:06 AM, Blogger mineguruji said...

Azim Premji says: "We have no alternative but to hire the best talent available within India and the best talent available globally to man our positions - critical positions, non-critical positions, (and) programming positions".

A few days ago, Headlines Today, the television channel, did a story on a massive job racket in the IT/ITES industry in Bangalore. 'Job agents' who arrange/manage tests and interviews for aspirants at any of the top companies, including Wipro, Infosys, Satyam, IBM etc., disclosed on hidden camera how easy it is for them to 'provide' jobs at these companies for a price. The racket, of which HR Managers at these companies are a key component, has 'provided', until now, jobs for thousands of dubious applicants in the industry. (The job racket isn't confined to Bangalore alone - folks in the business know that it is spread all over the south and some cities up north). The top managers at these companies pretend not to be aware of this scam.. But the truth is, they prefer to look the other way because.. they need 'people'. And lots of them. And apart from certain basic skills, they don't really look for much else. And, of course, the top bosses all have their own extra-curricular agendas like running down reservations and collecting awards - who has the time or the inclination to be squeamish about 'merit'?

At 12:09 PM, Blogger atlas said...

How typical of pro-reservationists!!!!! They are not able to provide one single logical reason to support their point of view and they go on and on about 100% reservation in temples, capitation fee colleges, IITians going abroad, FIFA cup having reservations, American Universities having reservations (haha!!) and now job scandals.
Mr Kancha Iliah, the great crusader for social justice suggested that IITs and IIMs be closed down because students there went abroad. Read the newspaper, Mr. Iliah. 23.5 billion US dollars were remitted to India last year alone by the very same people. Money that government earns fee from, money that when injected into the economy boosts it from the manufacturing to the services sector. Can you understand this?
And do you realize that when someone goes abroad, the place he leaves is taken up by the next, and his by the next. Do you have the intelligence to comprehend that this percolates down to the lowest level of the society.
You do not have reasons, so you rely upon rhetoric. And some of that rhetoric is so hilarious, like the blog from where mineguruji picked his article. The guy there goes on and on, he raves and he rants but he stays clear of one thing. Reason: That he cannot handle !!!

At 12:24 PM, Blogger atlas said...

The prime motto of pro-res is actually "I want to be respected, but I dont want to earn it". You see, they do not just want an easy way into AIIMS, IITs etc. The story does not end there. After they passout(if they do?), they want to be treated at par with someone who has sweated it out for a seat(whatever caste he/she belongs to). Today they are willing to justify reservations, but tomorrow they will try and hide the same from others. I ask them "What are you ashamed of?". IF you are willing to fight for reservations now, why dont you speak out after you get a degree. But no, then you will want that all traces that you came through the reserved category be wiped out. You want respect, but you dont want to earn it. Will you stand up then and say "I came through the OBC quota, but it was right because my forefathers had been exploited for thousands of years"

If you are a person who could say that, you can never be a person who would ask for crutches now.

At 2:29 PM, Anonymous GITMOT said...

Now, govt plans quota in sports!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Minister calls meeting to discuss quota!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lucknow, June 19: The reservation quagmire looks set to haunt Uttar Pradesh again. At risk this time is the state’s sports fraternity, as the Mulayam Singh Yadav government plans to introduce quota in sports, though the modalities are yet to be worked out.

On Monday, communiqués from the UP Sports Directorate invited regional sports officers, sports officers and state’s Olympians for a meeting at KD Singh ‘Babu’ Stadium here on June 26. The meeting is organised at the behest of sports minister R K Chaudhary.

The agenda — inviting suggestions on “how sports can be developed in the state” — looks innocuous enough, but for the rider. Here’s the last line from the letter: “Khiladion ke arakshan par bhi vichar kiya ja sakta hai (quota for sportspersons will/may also be discussed).”

Insiders, however, caught it plain and simple: the main purpose is to discuss the reservation issue; the rest is mere formality.

Even the state’s Sports minister, R K Chaudhary, admitted as much: “I had asked the Principal Secretary, Sports (UP), to study the reservation policy once implemented during the Mayawati government, and the current reservation policy of the UPA government. I asked him to give me the details of both.

“Now I have got the pros and cons and we are going to discuss this at the meeting.”

On meeting’s menu
“I have invited two Regional Sports Officers each from Scheduled Caste, Scheduled Tribe and general category,” Chaudhary said. Besides, the meeting will include two sports officers each “from SC/ST, Backward castes and general category.

“Invitations have been sent to national-level players also, for we intend to take all feedback before reaching a conclusion.”

Elaborating further, the minister said: “This meeting will discuss whether reservation should be implemented in sports. If they all agree, then we will decide about the stage of trials it should be introduced in for admission at sports hostels and colleges.”

Chaudhary, known for his pro-reservation stance, added that the percentage of reserved seats “could vary in accordance with the consensus. We will not necessarily follow the same percentage as in other institutes.”

Game not on: Sports lobby
Padmashree Jaman Lal Sharma, who has been invited in the meeting: “There is no need for quota in sports because most players in any case come from the backward sections. Also, how can you compromise with merit during selection trials?”
Anandeshwar Pandey, general secretary of UP Olympic Association: “Where is the need for reservation in sports when 70-80 per cent of players selected for admission to sports hostels and state teams belong to backward categories? Besides, they are able to reach (that level) on their own.
We will oppose any move to introduce reservation in sports.


At 3:09 PM, Anonymous GITMOT said...

OBC quota Bill needed to be introduced in the forthcoming Monsoon session!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???

Out in the cold over the quota controversy, Human Resource Development (HRD) Minister Arjun Singh today had a friendly visitor — Left leader Sitaram Yechury.

Yechury, sources said, met him for about half-an-hour, when he was understood to have impressed upon the minister that the OBC quota Bill needed to be introduced in the forthcoming Monsoon session.

This is important since Congress general secretary Veerappa Moily, through a note circulated to the Oversight Committee members on June 8, had suggested that the HRD Ministry should wait till the committee submits its report by August 31. However, Moily later said the panel would bring an interim report by July 10.

Yechury also place d the party’s view before Singh on the implementation of the OBC quota. It’s learnt that the politburo member said CPI(M) was not in favour of implementing the OBC quotas in phases, rather it should be implemented in one go.

This is again contrary to what Moily had suggested in the same note, where he had proposed for a staggered approach — IITs, IIMs and AIIMS by 2007-08, Central universities and institutions by 2008-09 and Deemed universities and private institutions by 2009-10. This was, however, opposed by Planning Commission member B. Mungekar.

Mungekar’s view was echoed by the Left leader, when he too pushed for implementation of 27 pc OBC quotas by 2007-08.

Yechury, sources said, also focussed on the expansion of facilities in these institutions, ‘‘without any delay’’. He is believed to have told Singh that the government should start the process of building infrastructure immediately.

He also cited the example of Andhra Pradesh Government, which has already committed financial support for upgradation of infrastructure facilities in the academic institutions in the state. ‘‘Just as the Andhra Government has taken up this matter, the Centre should also come up with a pro-active approach towards building infrastructure,’’ he is believed to have told Singh.

Yechury had always been vocal about his unstinted support, on the reservation issue, to Arjun Singh. In a seminar organised by Left cultural outfit Sahmat, he had backed the HRD Minister and had come heavily against the National Knowledge Commission and its chairman Sam Pitroda for opposing the OBC reservation move.

In fact, the Left leader and his colleagues in the Red brigade like A.B. Bardhan, backed by leaders of the so-called social justice parties like Lalu Prasad Yadav, had pushed for the OBC quota move during the crucial UPA-Left coordination panel meeting in May this year. Despite stiff opposition and agitation from the medical students, they had managed to get Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Congress president Sonia Gandhi to put their stamp of approval to the quota move.


At 3:15 PM, Anonymous GITMOT said...

LO AUR LO !!!!!!!

OBC job quota move casts shadow over ‘casteless’ Andamans !!!!

In these island territories, there were no OBC categories; now the administration has created them, and some groups feel left out

Quota What Next
Related Stories Re-caste the problem
Quota Bill seeks right to interfere with IITs, IIMs
Vajpayee is OBC, so are Arjun Singh, Karat and Rajnath
Private quota may haunt Monsoon Session
To skirt controversy, Plan paper skips the R-word

PORT BLAIR, JUNE 19:For years people of the Andaman & Nicobar Islands, some 1,000 kms from the mainland, have proudly described their Union Territory as a casteless Mini India. Indeed, official records of the ANI administration haven’t had Other Backward Class categorisations.

But now a job reservation plan of the administration is creating a rift among islanders.

The Andaman & Nicobar Commission for Other Backward Classes (OBC) has recommended the reservation of 38 per cent government jobs, to be shared by two broad groups: sons of the soil, and post-1949 settlers.

The former are descendants of families of freedom-fighters incarcerated here by the British, and the latter are mainly Bengali Hindu groups resettled here by the government post-1949. Other groups given OBC status are the Moplahs of Kerala, the Karens, and the Bhatus, brought to the Andamans for labour.

“The communities that have been included in the OBC list are those who came here for historical reasons, have been settled here by the government and don’t have any other Indian state to go back to. For them, the process of implementation of the recommendation is already underway,” said G.C. Joshi, secretary, Tribal Welfare Department of the ANI administration.

About the others, he said: “Why did these people come here? They came here for leisure and started their own business and settled down. Their case is different from the settlers and they should not expect to get job reservations.”

But this is hotly contested.

Said Sanjay Chowdhury, president of the Hotel & Restaurant Association of Andaman and Nicobar Islands, “In the 1950s, thousands of people were recruited by the central government to help develop the islands. In those days, only one ship came here in a month, quality education was lacking, the whole area was thickly forested, malaria was rampant. Even potatoes were brought from the mainland. To say we settled here for leisure is an absurd idea and the commission’s recommendations are incomplete and hideous.”

He is supported by other groups representing the settlers from Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Kerala. The three groups — the Andaman Tamizhar Sangam, the Andhra Association and the Malayalee Settler Association of A & N Islands — have teamed up to launch a widespread agitation against the “divisive policies of the government.”

Malayalee association president Dr R Tulasi Dasan alleges a bias: “Why did the commission survey mostly Bengali-populated areas and not visit places like Keralapuram in Diglipur, Betapur in Middle Andaman, Burma Nallah, Hope Town and Dundas Point in South Andaman, where Malayalees have been settled? Now that the administration is dividing society, there will be big disputes between communities.’’

G Dinakaran of the Tamizhar Sangam argues on similar lines. “Why weren’t Tamils, brought here to develop plantations, as labourers, considered for the list? The work of the OBC commission was done in a hush hush manner and clearly some vested interest was at work.”

Government jobs — some 33,000 of them, for a population of over 3.5 lakh — are among the most coveted here, since there’s hardly any industry, and only a fledgling tourism sector.


At 3:19 PM, Anonymous GITMOT said...

Vajpayee is OBC, so are Arjun Singh, Karat and Rajnath HA HA HA HA HA HA HA !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rao Jaswant SinghPosted online: Sunday, June 18, 2006 at 0000 hrs
In all the debate over the Government’s quota policy, little attention has been drawn to the corruption in the local collectorate which issues caste certificates.The Sunday Express checked out Kanpur, Lucknow and Faizabad and obtained OBC certificates in the name of the high, the mighty—and the upper-caste

LUCKNOW, KANPUR, FAIZABAD, JUNE 17:HRD Minister Arjun Singh is a member of the Other Backward Classes (OBC).

So are former Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee and CPM General Secretary Prakash Karat and BJP president Rajnath Singh.

That’s according to caste certificates, officially sealed and delivered to The Sunday Express for a “fee” ranging from Rs 200 to Rs 500. These certificates can now be used to get all benefits—from jobs to college admissions—available as per government policy.

The ease with which these certificates can be obtained tells a larger story: of how the Government’s reservation policy that looks at applicants purely through the caste prism can be subverted at any local collectorate. So as the Veerappa Moily panel works on how to upgrade seats and institutions to accommodate caste quotas, someone should be looking at reforms in the process itself by which individuals are categorized by caste.

For, this isn’t about one faceless babu of one mofussil office bending the rule once in a while—churning out these certificates is a huge racket in Uttar Pradesh, a state where caste is a key political category.

The Sunday Express travelled across three districts, Lucknow, Kanpur and Faizabad and obtained OBC certificates in the names of well-known public figures:

• Vajpayee was declared as an Ahir by the Faizabad collectorate, when he is a Brahmin.

• BJP president Rajnath Singh, a Rajput, is, on paper in Faizabad, now a Kurmi.

• Two OBC certificates, issued from two different places, declare Arjun Singh an Ahir in Faizabad and a Kahar in Kanpur.

• Deepak Kumar, a Rajput, former District Magistrate and present Vice-Chairman of Kanpur Development Authority, is now a Kahar.

• Prakash Karat’s certificate issued by the Lucknow office makes him a Garadia.

All these certificates can be obtained in a day and from one place but The Sunday Express team tested it for over a week obtaining one or two certificates on one day and tried the same the next day, and the next, to see how easy it is.

From Lucknow itself, the newspaper obtained a pile of blank but stamped certificates of “caste,” “domicile,” “character,” “birth,” “motor vehicles registration”

— you name it. On these blank forms, official signatures could be forged.

But The Sunday Express got the certificates duly issued by a proper authority with serial numbers and actual signatures. Names of high-caste prominent people were deliberately used to explain how vulnerable the system is and how blindly the certificates are signed.

Evidently, it didn’t occur to anyone how an Atal Behari Vajpayee can be an OBC.

Just contact the relevant tout, give them the name, the address, the caste and the cash. The certificates are home-delivered within three to five hours.

No questions asked, no one cares to check documents, no interviews as per due process. Nothing.

What should have been done

• Fill out an application form, available for Rs 5 at Tehsil Office.

• Attach passport-size picture, copy of ration card and an affidavit on a Rs-10 stamp paper

• An income certificate if caste falls in “creamy layer” category

• Lekhpal physically verifies the address mentioned in the application form.

• Sub-Divisional Magistrate or Deputy Tehsildar interviews the candidate

What was done

• Identify a tout, pay him average Rs 200-Rs 500

• No documentary evidence required

• No interviews, no physical checks


At 3:22 PM, Anonymous GITMOT said...


It is possible, of course, to shrug this problem ( FAKE CASTE CERTIFICATES ) away by saying that since the PDS runs despite forged ration cards and welfare schemes, despite fake muster rolls, forged caste certificates will be no more system-busting than these other paper frauds on social justice. There are two problems with this argument. First, one of the reasons the PDS and welfare schemes are in such a mess is wrong beneficiary selection. Thousands of crores of public money have been wasted on good causes backed by bad logic. This is nothing to shrug off. Indeed, there’s a very good reason to go back to the drawing board and look at some of the fundamental principles of social policy.

The second reason forged caste identities can’t be dismissed as another usual Indian vice is that these pieces of easily obtainable paper make the point sadly few have done in the quota debate: the assumption of total congruence between deprivation and caste has been questioned authoritatively but to absolutely no effect as far as political action has been concerned. As this newspaper has always argued, as opinion polls published in this newspaper have conclusively shown, a great majority of the better-off wants targeted action for the socially disadvantaged—people are just not sure that caste is the right marker. As caste identity becomes increasingly purchasable, those doubts will grow.

At 8:57 AM, Blogger mineguruji said...

Well, Gitmot all the news reports you are quoting come from a single source, and that is great Indian Express aka Bania Express led by Shekhar Gupta , a bania and guided by Arun Shourie, a caste brahmin.

Well both these guys are known for their loyalty to the cause of the upper caste bretheren and they will stoop to any level to oppose the reservations. No one reads Indian Express because of their elitist tone and biased nature of reporting.
Shourie by opposing Mandal one got a ministry in the BJP government and now Shekhar wants the same.

Well, I must remind Gitmot that such things are a norm in India and once a court in Gujarat had issued warrants against PM vajpayee.
Express is just trying to score some brownie points.

At 11:25 AM, Anonymous GITMOT said...

YOUTH FOR EQUALITY APPEALS to the youth of the nation .

The education system in the country is undergoing a great
turmoil and now next in line would be the Corporate. Cribbing alone
or discussing behind closed doors about the situation will not help.
Think of the future, come outside the luxury of your drawing rooms
and make a difference. The time to give back something credible to
your beloved Motherland has arisen. Make yourself count amongst the
masses fighting for justice

People to join the Core Committee to overlook the functioning of the
organization and also to co-ordinate in various other activities.

Do you have that fire you to make the difference??????????

Decide now, before it's too late.

Join YOUTH FOR EQUALITY Core group to save our Motherland.

Those who think that they can serve our motherland can contact

A National Co-ordination Committee meet was held in Bangalore in
which some major breakthroughs were achieved. I will list them

1) Finalization of charter of Demands:- This is one thing that'll be
the soul of our future protests of any nature.

2) Formation of NCC:- It would also facilitate better communication
and avoid misunderstanding of any nature.

3) Future course of action:- Many states have done quite a lot of
things which others came to know. This was aimed at preparing
ourselves for the war ahead thats looming large.

To decide and implement the further course of action we as a core
group members are meeting today at NATIONAL GAMES VILLAGE at 7pm I
invite all of you to join our core group.

The agenda for today's meet will be:-

1) Registration/Awareness Drive: - This drive has to be launched
into 3 segments. One among the working professionals, another among
the students and lastly among the residents.

2) Corporate action plan:- This is something that'll form the
backbone of our financial health for the future actions. This too
needs to be chalked out.

3) Details about the NCC meet:- A thorough detail will be given to
everyone about the NCC meet and the need for us to carry forward the
good work in the state in order to realize our cherished goal.

jai hind
naveen kumar
nkdutt001@..., naveen.kumar3@...

At 10:58 AM, Anonymous GITMOT said...


1. Total Roll-back of the proposed legislation to increase the reservation percentage in central government institutions and central examinations

2. No additional quota but affirmative action in form of strengthening educational infrastructure and financial help to uplift the downtrodden and backward sections.

3. Apolitical commission to review the complete reservation policy and the current proposal to be kept in abeyance till then.

4. No reservation in the private sector

5. No action of any nature should be taken against students, interns, doctors and others who participated in the agitation with regards to service break, termination, pay and leave deduction, legal action, attendance, internal assessment etc.

Review of the already existing Reservation Policy

1. Apolitical review of the overall reservation policy by a committee of intellectuals, knowledge bodies, industrialists etc.

2. A white paper on reservation issue.

3. Fix a time frame for quota to become zero through gradual reduction in quota by 2% per annum.

4. Benefits of reservation to be given on once in a lifetime basis and for one generation.

5. Expert commission’s report should be binding on both central and state governments.

6. Reserved seats and job vacancies which are left due to non-availability of reserved category candidates should be filled by other available and eligible candidates.

Alternatives to the reservation policy

1. Including the right to education as fundamental right and state must be accountable in case of failure

2. Greater emphasis on primary and secondary education

At 8:35 AM, Blogger jammutruth said...

Consider the following, especially in the light of the Brahmin population not exceeding 3% of the total population of India. Source: Caste, Ethnicity and Exclusion in South Asia: The Role of Affirmative Action Policies in Building Inclusive Societies, DL Sheth (UNDP - HDR 2004) 2004/13

Exhibit 1:

Part II—Table 4: Percent Representation of Brahmins and other Upper Caste Members to the elite all-India Services: Indian Administrative Service (IAS), Indian Foreign Service (IFS), Indian Police Service (IPS) during the period when Reservations Policy did not make an impact:

Services: 1947-56, 1957-63
IAS: 34%, 36%
IFS: 22%, 22%
IPS: 31%, 21%
Other services: 38%, 29%

Source: V. Subramaniam, ‘Social Background of India’s Administrators’. Reproduced from H. Mehta and H. Patel (eds.), Dynamics of Reservations Policy (New Delhi, 1985), p. 99.

Exhibit 2:

Part II—Table 8: Table Showing Castewise Representation in Managerial Cadre (non-Government Sector)—1971

Percentage in the cadre of manager
Brahmins: 41.4%

Source: Jain Sagar C., Indian Manager: His social origin and career, 1971. Reproduced from H. Mehta and H. Patel (eds.), Dynamics of Reservations Policy (New Delhi, 1985), p. 98.

Additionally, almost all of the highest offices in the Indian government have been held by Brahmins (almost all Prime Ministers except a couple including the current one), a great number of senior academic positions, etc. With such privilege available to Brahmins, it seems bizarre that Gautier and followers claim Brahmins are oppressed.

But then again, when representatives of privileged groups, and particularly those like Gautier invested in reactionary and retrogade movements supportive of social privilege (Hindutva in his case), cry foul, it is not difficult to see why they do so: threats to privilege are considered attacks on fundamental rights by defenders. No wonder the VHP’s elder “statesman” Giriraj Kishore once remarked not too long ago that the abolition of the caste system would constitute an attack on his “human rights.”

At 11:38 AM, Blogger atlas said...

This is what you will be seeing in the future. Time and again data have been presented to show that Brahmins are less than 3% of the population but are established in very good places. What is the reason for that? Is it that institutes like IITs and AIIMSare biased? No. Then what is the reason that so many Brahmins study there. Is is because Brahmins control the wealth of the country. That cannot be true because there are TATAs and BIRLAs and Premjis who are not Brahmins. Also if that were true, how would you account for so many Brahmin students from Tamil Nadu, where Brahmins have been systemeticaaly demolished, performing extremely well. To all those who are so keen on Brahmin-bashing, I'm going to tell you the truth..A truth so obvious that you should kick yourself for not realising it, or not accepting it.
The reason why Brahmins do so well is this:

You want to punish them for being aware, dont you? you would rather have them as ignorant as you are, wouldn't you.

P.S.: For the most cynical pro-res, I'm not a Brahmin.

At 10:22 AM, Anonymous GITMOT said...

India unravelling

Dr. Gautam Sen,
Writer and former academic London School of Economics & Political Science.

Secularists and communists may imagine they somehow control India’s future, but this belief is a chimera. Perhaps they are smart enough to know the truth, but too cynical to care. India is spinning out of control and the spoils of political office are likely to
evaporate suddenly. How exactly this will come about is not entirely clear, but there are historical precedents that provide pointers.

The decisive antecedent pre-condition is the inability of the ruling order to retain domestic control and ward off external predators militarily. This is how Mogul primacy ended for India in devastating chaos during the eighteenth century, after the grand rewards of imperial conquest. But such a grim scenario is inevitably preceded by a collapse of political authority and the credibility of the ruling order. India is now in this perilous phase as the public standing of its ruling order ebbs. There is now real prospect of accident and design unfolding in combination to disable state power and curtail its political reach significantly.

Various regional political factions across India are engaged in savage competition for the spoils of office. Very little else motivates their endeavours except corrupt enrichment, chicanery and criminality to seize power, however temporarily, and crass bribery to hold on to it, no matter how briefly. After each abysmal episode the ruling groups, barely distinguishable from each other, emerge shamelessly enriched. What these regional political parties also share with each other, beyond the desire for rule by themselves and their families, is a singular lack of any conception of India’s nationhood. Yet they are a critical influence on policy at the federal Centre and vying for the ultimate crown of dominating national government itself.

The Congress party in power at the federal Centre today is remarkably similar to the regional political parties seeking to replace it. In fact, they run the country jointly as partners in crime. The nominally national Congress only differs from them in the inconsequential detail of having its constituents less geographically concentrated than the largely regional political parties, be it the malevolent communists, the unspeakable celluloid Tamil monstrosities or indeed the cartoon strip nationalists of the Hindu fold. Shorn of pomp and symbolic pretensions, the name of the game in New Delhi for the incumbent ruling combine is to create the conditions for Rahul Gandhi’s anointment as the next celestial authority in India. The second preoccupation is to manage foreign affairs with sufficient sleight-of-hand to stop the national apple cart from being embarrassingly overturned.

It is possible that India’s diabolical international predicament will not turn into immediate rout and Rahul Gandhi may claim his rightful place in India’s embryonic monarchy. The prime minister himself may not be interested in cash or sexual conquest, but he suffers terribly from the third affliction of humanity, which is to be in the public eye. This is the equivalent of the fifteen minutes of sordid fame that the country is paying for so very dearly. He wields no political power and a sort of Page Three fame apparently suffices. In the pursuit of such dishonourable ambitions, the meaning of secularism been twisted beyond recognition. A supine media connives, eager for crumbs from the table of the ruling family and its shameless minions. However, neither India’s faltering durability, for the present, nor the new Sun King’s impending accession are likely to stop the rot as far as its long-term future is concerned.

The indefensible OBC reservations that do nothing for the many underprivileged of India, and inflict grievous injury on many who are also underprivileged, but capable, will be remembered as the critical moment when India’s endgame began.

It is a tragic final denouement for India’s future as a polity and economy when the only persevering social structure was delivered a mortal blow. In a country in which few things work properly (from domestic plug points to road lights, to pick two things randomly) and virtually nothing in the public sector functions effectively the resilient Indian family’s deepest aspiration has just been criminally decapitated. The ruling elites cannot provide adequate electricity at any price nor an airport in the national capital that does not fill one with despair, nor schools that have toilets or even teachers. Yet they allegedly occupy the moral high ground and spew arrant nonsense about secularism and communal harmony.

Despite its many faults, the Indian family alone has overcome the formidable obstacles placed in its path by a dysfunctional State and vicious ruling order to educate their children. Modest middle and lower middle class family incomes and awe-inspiring parental efforts, often against overwhelming odds, have lovingly nurtured human capital and turned around an economy with dim prospects. Even a driver on five-thousand rupees a month is prepared to send his two little girls to a school that teaches only in English by allocating a fifth of his monthly income. If there were no goddess of learning she would have to be contrived and imagined in gratitude, for infusing such a noble thirst for learning in ordinary Indians. This is why the possibilities of applied science are infinite like the skies above our bowed human heads.

The grotesque policy of swingeing reservations that does nothing for the majority, which does not receive basic schooling, can only have been undertaken by people of very low intelligence. But these are the same people whose village cunning led to the office-for-profit debacle that continues to haunt their very own hold on political power. The insane reservation policy, based on rank political opportunism and illiterate conjecture, will trigger socio-economic mechanisms that may well kill the goose currently laying golden eggs despite the brigandage under the garb of socialism and humanity. Such a policy measure is also likely to provoke dangerous disaffection among the many that cannot escape to foreign universities, unlike the children of politicians, who themselves go abroad for medical care too. A hard look at the origins of the brutal civil war in Sri Lanka is a salutary reminder of how one reaps as ye sows when a sense of injustice burns in the hearts of those who understand it and have the wherewithal to respond.

A vast swathe of Indian citizens has been effectively disenfranchised and no longer owes any loyalty to the Indian State and its overseers. A fundamental right of paramount importance has been taken away from them. The right to education and the recognition of fair criteria, which must mean that merit remains pre-eminent, has been erased. The rightness of reservations at the margin has been replaced by complete marginalisation of merit. No matter what social class and economic circumstances, the accident of birth will deny the children of many of the poor their basic rights on grounds of Caste alone. Such a policy echoes the exclusion of Jews from German higher education in the mid-1930s merely because of their religious identity. Why should these young people feel any commitment to a society that has in unison, across the political spectrum, declared outright war on them?

For a start, they would be justified in refusing to join the armed forces since those being granted extraordinary unmerited privileges should now defend the country they are vindictively making exclusively their own. Nor should any of the excluded Castes join the police or indeed the bureaucracy. In this free for all dog eats dog world that their fellow citizens and their venal representatives are determined to bring about, something will give. In all likelihood economic growth will falter and India’s defence will be in the supposedly competent hands of affirmative action candidates alone, including the so-called minorities, already imperiously demanding special privileges, eager to displace all semblance of fair play. Which foreign predator will soon find irresistible the prospect of re-uniting with their co-religionists and an army of the reserved ready for monotheism, free of the burdens of Caste?
Such demands for reservations have an old history, from government jobs for

Muslims in late nineteenth century Bengal to separate electorates, followed by partition itself. The young and talented of all Castes should begin a long march towards any Indian state that promises them elementary justice in exchange for their prodigious intellectual skills and the economic success that will cascade as a result of it. They will also have the last laugh when the children of politicians in the forefront of casteism are displaced themselves by those for whom nothing but reservation matters. Their India will surely prosper without the presence of so-called upper Caste oppressors, some cleaning public toilets in Delhi while harassing rich OBC ministers and successful entrepreneurs part-time. The resulting weakened federal India may eventually find its individual parts going their separate ways. Those who strive primarily on the basis of merit need have no inclination to pay taxes to the rest of the country, denying their basic human rights simply because of their Caste.


At 8:28 AM, Anonymous Vineet Rajpal,Kota said...

There are various ife will you rate them according to their design,quality of posts and user-friendlyness?
Pls rank these sites from no 1 to 10.
No offense is intended..just curious about perception of visitors to these blogs.
Here is my ranking-


2)Maharashtra Medicos


At 9:07 PM, Anonymous indianskoolstudents said...

we have taken about 500 signatures against the reservations and we will be depositing the same with some yfe member.

At 4:22 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Guyz, your voice has gone unheard.. These politicians have hundreds of problems to tackle.. Entire country is terrorized by Bomb Threats, and these guyz dont want to handle those problems.. But they are bullish about increasing the quota for OBC.. God save this country.. Had the bombs been in Arjun Singh's house ppl would have been much happier..

At 1:54 AM, Blogger mineguruji said...

no they wont be happy. Arjun is the messiah for half a billion people.
Despite that with or without him, we are going to empower the dalits.

At 10:48 PM, Blogger your said...

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At 8:11 AM, Blogger HP said...

Together v can fight the nonsense .... and will !!
Jai Hind !!

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At 7:11 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

y isnt the blog bein updated ??

At 12:10 AM, Blogger arpita borua said...

youth for equality seems to be gaining strength with each passing day. i am a law student and i wish i could play an active role in this movement. i am sure this will bring in a revolution in the country. i hope our politicians have understood that they can't 'RULE' this country according to their whims and fancies.good work guys. keep it up. and if there is any way by which i can play an active role in this movement plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz inform

At 10:12 AM, Blogger lucifer said...

Get well soon: Let Gandhigiri b the latest weapon against reservations..
He is getting loads and loads of Emails and msgs wishing him 'Get well soon'
Do ur Bit

Arjun Singh Get Well Soon..!!!!!!
Get well soon ArjunSingh..!!
For very Ill Arjun Singh..!!
Poor guy is suffering from acute illness of quotas and reservation....

He requires our well wishes and support to Get Well Soon..!!!

Lets try out GANDHIGARI on the Poor guy...

Lets do it guys...!!!

State from which he is elected: Madhya Pradesh
his Political Party: Indian National Congress
his Delhi Address: 17, Akbar Road, New Delhi
his Telephone No.: 23016516, 23017340, Fax- 23017404, 9868181607(M)
His Permanent Address: Gram: Sabda, P.O.Churhat, Distt. Sidhi, Madhya Pradesh
His Telephone No.: {07802} 2770709
E-mail him at:

At 1:55 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

OBC Students Outperforms General Caste
Moily is a bastard
OBC Students Outperforms General Caste

The moily ass*** is saying OBCs are outperforming general caste can some body ask this bast**** if that is the case why the bast** is proposing reservation for OBC people

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... but you are all victims of your own parent's policies... how many of you fought corruption,discrimination ?

How many of you fought against your [NOT ALL]parent's "illegal" resource generating policy ?

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what are u trying to do
if u really want to suceed find out a solution
which the pro resevationist can agree and dont try to divide the illiterate masses
as if learned people like u disagree u cannot expect to gather support from the massses of our country

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At 8:04 AM, Blogger aastha said...

the institute of indian govrnance at national level as well as at

state level are the best exampals to study the effect of reservation

on the end result and its quality. selection in this system is

determined not by cv or ur compitance,qualities or aptitute but on

the basis of the cast you belong to . this model is in place for

almost 60 yrs and see how it has performed. this model has failed to

solve any of the problems of this country because in the name of

social justice,all the departments have been crowded with below

average/mediocre people who have no vision and wisdom to handle the

job. Be it roads, electricity,water management, civic

amenities,judiciary,health, law & order, poverty

aliviation,jobs,industry,sports,turism,food and public distribution,

public transport,infrastructure,defence, name any govt department &

see its performance. simpaly abismal,below average,disgusting.
on the other hand we have example of communication. the day govt

monopoly was removed,the change is for everyone to see. it does not

need any other proof to understand what reservation has done to this

country.worse our worthy politicians want that same model of

governance/operation be adopted by private sector. anyone with

average intelligence can anticipate what is going to happen to

private sector if the move is implimented.
dr subhash c. dua
orthopaedic surgeon
aastha hospital
new colony

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yfe is back

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At 6:51 AM, Blogger YOUTH BLOGGER said...


They are'nt made aware of actual reality about various quotas.
Instead of the thing is BASIC PRICIPLE OF RESERVATION is objectionable. Youth seems to have believed that only CASTE BASED RESERVATION is objectionable. They are'nt made aware of various aspects of reservation and even different forms of reservation. Even if they are aware, they are blinded by some people and media to make them realize that they are upper castes which are'nt benefitted by reservations instead reservation is only against them.
They are presented misfacts about reservation especially SC/ST reservation packaged in the form of stories like grass hopper and ants.
Actually this way, castiest minds of the society are convincing the youth to follow their own caste lines and integrate them. While most youth anti reservationists raise their voices out of pure jealousy based on caste lines. While the modern youth still boasts about his higher caste pride, they can't take reservation for lower castes. May be because always their caste has been a matter a pride for them and now they are loosing something because of the same.
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At 6:52 AM, Blogger YOUTH BLOGGER said...


They are'nt made aware of actual reality about various quotas.
Instead of the thing is BASIC PRICIPLE OF RESERVATION is objectionable. Youth seems to have believed that only CASTE BASED RESERVATION is objectionable. They are'nt made aware of various aspects of reservation and even different forms of reservation. Even if they are aware, they are blinded by some people and media to make them realize that they are upper castes which are'nt benefitted by reservations instead reservation is only against them.
They are presented misfacts about reservation especially SC/ST reservation packaged in the form of stories like grass hopper and ants.
Actually this way, castiest minds of the society are convincing the youth to follow their own caste lines and integrate them. While most youth anti reservationists raise their voices out of pure jealousy based on caste lines. While the modern youth still boasts about his higher caste pride, they can't take reservation for lower castes. May be because always their caste has been a matter a pride for them and now they are loosing something because of the same.
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